We are so quick to discount the validity of people with outward flaws and imperfections. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. God chose David because God looks at what is going on in the heart. David was an anointed king in waiting. He refused to take up the appointment of the king in waiting until God made the time for him to become appointed king. That’s why God said, “He’s a man after My Own heart.” Because he didn’t take stuff. He allowed God to bring him to the stuff.

In our modern-day world, there are less people living their life with purpose. But more people are really hungry for a life with and for purpose. Yet, few are willing to live for purpose. And if they are, they want to choose their purpose. They don’t want God to choose it for them.

Around the world, there are many organizations and people that are accumulating knowledge and wealth in order to exercise power. If we think that people’s words are a reflection of what they’re doing, we are mistaken. There’s governments and power at play here. They’re saying, “We are going to control things so that we accumulate power, while telling the world that we are actually caring for the poor. We’re telling the world that we’ve got a green agenda and everybody’s going to believe us but actually underneath this, there’s a lot of bad stuff happening.

So, I ask you, these organizations that are designed to accumulate knowledge and wealth – do you think that these have got nothing to do with the spirit realm? Do you think it’s just Larry Fink? Do you think it’s just Bill Gates?

The empire’s about to strike back. It’s the empire of the Church, the Kingdom of God. Because these are kingdoms that are being set up under our noses. They are economic kingdoms or empires. These are knowledge empires.

David teaches his discontented people a big lesson – “I will not touch God’s anointed.” Opportunity does not equal execution. Opportunity is not everything in life – contrary to everything the system will tell you. God uses David to create an empire, a kingdom of worship, a kingdom where he establishes the Temple of God for generations.

These kingdoms and empires that are being formed on a global stage – don’t for one minute think that they are going to be satisfied with the much power they have. They want more. They have a globalist agenda because they want to be the center of the distribution of wealth.

What’s this all about, you might ask? “Pastor John, why are you talking about this?” Because under David’s reign, one man, just one, was strong enough to take out eight hundred people with a single spear. Did you know that the armor of God comes with a spear? The spear is the spear of prayer. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that we are one of the leading churches in the world in powerful authoritative prayer.

God is interested in a single Church destroying the works of the enemy. We are not a playing-games-church. We take the Word of God that He brings to us from the Holy Spirit through His servants. We take prophetic words and the words that God gives to our spiritual father and we live with these words. We battle with these words. We are not just a congregation. We are an Ecclesia Church.

If you can’t control people through knowledge and economic power, then you control through culture. The liberal agenda has accelerated so much through social media that we now have a culture where social media are influencing the direction of governments and people’s lifestyles in a very dramatic way. If we allow this culture to drive our agenda, we are going to be a people driven by survival, not purpose.

Pastor John reads a portion of the account of a vision of a spiritual battle between the armies of God and demonic armies, where demons of pride, self-righteousness, respectability, selfish ambition, unrighteous judgment, and jealousy controlled Christians. The leader of the army was the accuser of the brethren. The weapons were intimidation, treachery. The arrows were accusation, gossip, slander and fault finding. Scouts and smaller companies of demons with such names as rejection, bitterness, impatience, unforgiveness and lust were sent in advance of this army to prepare for the main attack.

I knew (the devil) was seeking to preempt a coming move of God, which was destined to sweep great numbers of people into the Church. The primary strategy of this army was to cause division on every possible level of relationship, Churches with each other, congregations with their pastors, husbands and wives, children and parents and even children with each other.

I noted that the demons were riding on Christians, but they were not in them as was the case with non-Christians. It was obvious that these believers had only to stop agreeing with the demons in order to get free of them.

The power of the demons was clearly rooted almost entirely in the power of deception, but they had deceived these Christians to the point where they could use them and the Christians would think they were being used by God.

I began to understand (the devil’s) strategy, and I was amazed that it was so simple. He knew that a house divided could not stand, and his army represented an attempt to bring such division to the Church that she would be powerless and ineffective. It was apparent that the only way the accuser could do this was to use Christians to war against their own brethren.

What do you think, church? Do you think that just giving way to your self judgment of someone else is just you? Do you think self ambition is just you? Do you think that self righteousness is just your own perspective of the fact that, “my life is okay, so I’m good,” is just you?

The reason I’m reading you this story today is because I want us to understand that there is a real spiritual war going on here and it’s not that far away.

Do not fear, I have an army too. You must now stand and fight because there is no longer any place to hide from this war. You must fight for My Kingdom, for truth and for those who have been deceived.”

So, here we stand as an united Ecclesia today, strong in the Lord, understanding what the power of prayer is, living in faith, anointed by the Holy Spirit, a divine assignment and divine connections in our lives. We would have had none of this if we had quit under the pressure of those evil onslaughts that the enemy used Christians to bring against us. I understood then as I understand now that it was not them, but it was the spirits that were driving them.

We need the Church because we are imperfect and the Church becomes strong together, which is why the devil has to fight against the Church because it’s only the Church that can defeat the devil.

Romans chapter 12:1-2:(NKJV; TPT):
Why did the Holy Spirit want me to call it Crossover? Because we as a Church have to understand that we can’t just live the way that everybody in the world lives and think that we just have to be the odd, occasional light to the world and a little bit of salt of the earth and that that’s going to cut it. We have to be the army of the Lord. We have to be a holy people. We have to be a people that are a royal priesthood. We have to be a people that are kings and priests of the Most High God.

The Greek word, metamorphosis metamorphoo is to transform, like a butterfly is metamorphosed from a lava pupil to a butterfly. It completely transformed. You can’t be transformed if you give your body to whatever you want to, then your body is going to dictate your future. But if you transform your mind and you give your body, then you are going to metamorph into something that is beautiful.

Ephesians 1:15-22 (NKJV), The Apostle Paul understood this war. He’s seen it. Remember those armies and the hordes and the accuser himself. God has put Jesus at His right hand in charge of the whole deal. All those demons, those principalities, those powers, the might and the dominion of all of those streams of knowledge and streams of wealth and cultural wars. Church, you’re in the middle. Take up your position of power and authority. Take up your armor of God. Stand shoulder to shoulder. There is nothing that can stand against you.

What does that sound like to you, church? Does that sound like God’s got a plan? You think that when He saw the weakness of the human mind and the human nature against all of those evil hordes, that we never stood a chance, you think He had a plan? We are the plan. He’s waiting for a few strong Christians to say, “I’m not going to give in to the depression, I’m not going to take the vomit anymore. I’m not going to take all of this stuff.” You start to grow stronger. It’s a choice by the strength of the Holy Spirit.