The world measures success and failure on a different level than God. Obedience to God makes you successful regardless of the outcome. Your willingness to go and to flow with the Holy Spirit makes you successful. Anytime you obey God, success is predictable. Obedience to God will always predictably lead you to success.

We must listen to the Holy Spirit. The vision can be right but the timing wrong. Don’t get so caught up with the human order of life that we don’t allow God to change our plans. If you just keep making plans all the time, and God has got no input to it, you’ll end up in places you shouldn’t be. And then you’ll encounter things you shouldn’t encounter. You’ll have battles you shouldn’t have to fight. You’ll have temptations that you shouldn’t have to have and worry about.

Say: God you can change my plans anytime. I know You are always out for my best. Thank You that You lead me as I go. I am moving, I am obeying, I am giving.

As we flow in the Spirit, the way we are going about things will bear fruit. Our obedience is making a pull on God. Don’t start measuring success halfway through what God’s got planned because then it will seem like it is not working. Wait on the Lord. In his obedience to the Spirit, Paul was given direction through very specific visions that he had. His whole vision and mission changed in a moment after he encountered Jesus.

We have to be careful that we don’t have such a big grand mission statement that we don’t have God in that statement. We have to go where the Holy Spirit tells us to go. If our business plan does not include changing as the Spirit leads us, then we are going to plan the Holy Spirit right out of our business. We cannot try and answer everything ahead of time so that we can make another big plan. God is drawing a line in the sand. Trust Me, follow Me, obey Me.

If we don’t plan to let the Holy Spirit in, then we are planning to fail.

Say: Lord, we make room for You. You can change anything, anytime.