Today we can walk in the promises, this is our prayer that we are actually bringing God our First Fruits.

Ezekiel 44:30 (ESV), And the fruits of all the first fruits of all kinds. This can be money, houses, it can be produced but we are here today to give our holy days.

If you would ask a believer if he wants a blessing, what would he say, “No I don’t want the blessing” That is so not truth. We all want a blessing, but we have to practise the principle that gives God the legal right to cause the blessing to come onto our houses, and first of all the house of the Lord. Now a house is not only the natural building and the structure and of course it includes this. When we talk about houses, number 1 it’s the church. It’s the individuals, the sons of God, the congregation, the assembly, the ecclesia.

Is God going to accept all offerings? It’s all about the heart, how you purpose, and how you live with God. Is He first? Do you first give to Him? Do you first seek the Kingdom? It all has to do with our hearts.

Read Genesis 22:1-2.

God will not take our blind and lame offerings, see the magnitude of how our hearts must be just like Abraham when God told him to take his son to Moriah and offer him. Would you do that? Offer your first fruit? How profound that Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac, his first fruit, so that he can bless a nation by his act of first fruit giving.

What are we willing to give God? Not only this weekend but the whole year to come. We can’t take any blessings and put it before God and think it is more important than God. We must mature as believers. Only then God can trust us with the things He is doing in our lives.

We believe God. He will show us how we’re going to spend our holy days, days of rest, and blessings because He already goes ahead, because He has prepared that for us. This is not where we are going to end. By faith, Abraham offered Isaac. By Faith, by faith we are going to give up our holy days.

Where are your first fruits going? Because alignment talks about plantedness, it talks about discipleship, because your tithe must go to the right place. Everyone here in Heritage of Faith, we’ve got a choice, we know we are called, divinely aligned to our Lord Jesus and Pastor John who He has called, to be our Apostle.

This year is actually the bringing of our first fruit, because God is bringing correction to our lives. This is why we are here this year. Alignment, being planted under apostolic authority.