Poverty is an aberration of God’s order. God never intended for us to have lack. The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not lack. We ought not to lack because God is a God in His kingdom of abundance. It’s not His order. Jesus died to bring back the order that was originally in heaven.

Pray: Father, I recognise that You sent Jesus to come to pay the price of all the disorder that was created by Adam. I receive what Your original Son paid the price for. I receive redemption. I receive redemption from all of the disorder that has ever been in my life. I now receive the continuous state of order that You have designed for my life. I receive that now in Jesus’ name. I receive it because of the blood. I receive it by way of the Holy Spirit. Now Father, I have needs that You know of and I call them met now in Jesus’ name. Where my relationships are not in order, I speak order to them. Where my mind is out of order, I bring the order of God into my mind. Where my life is out of order in any way, in any place, I thank You for Your order that comes back into it. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.

Tithes and offerings are the start of showing God that you are in His order. Abel first gave God, and he gave God his first. He gave God his best. We can also do this if God is our first love. You give and purpose in your heart according to what you have. It’s our heart with God, and that is what He is wanting, is us to love Him first and trust Him first.

Don’t let your giving be in every place. Bring into God’s storehouse. The offering that is done in righteousness kindles a fire in God and He looks at it with keen interest. He receives it and the fire of His love will burn in all of your business dealings. The fire of His favor, the fire of His love and His wisdom will burn in you, of how to do and how to go. According to God’s order we use our resources. God says, “My intent and My purpose is that My people now permanently transform into the people as laid out in My Word.”

In this house He is endeavoring and He is requiring us to yield our hearts to Him. We have to soften our hearts and say, “Everything we have is Yours.” He’s very busy working with us as a people to get the switch in our hearts that we shift and move across. He is establishing His Kingdom in our hearts. He is showing us His Kingdom ways. In order for you to experience, you have to give Me obedience on this side. You have to give me your heart. You have to yield your whole heart to Me. You have to give Me your yes.

Say: Yes, Lord. I believe. I have no questions. I need no explanations. Yes to everything. Every circumcision You want to make in my heart during this Crossover. Every, every change You want to make, I’m saying, “Yes.”

Make no mistake about it, says the Lord. “I’m taking you in. I’m taking you in. Every one of you that have humbled yourself to these messages, I’m taking you in. I will not permit anyone to stumble you in this congregation. I will not permit anyone to hinder you. My fire burns around you and for you. You’re going in.”

God’s supreme desire is to dwell amongst us as a people. It’s all He wants, but He cannot dwell amongst an unclean people with hearts divided, with idolatry in their hearts. You cannot bring your old way of thinking into the new promised land. 

The Lord says, “I want to be their first. I want to be their best. I want them to give Me their children, their economy, their plans, their days, their holy days, their things. Then I can show them what My blessing brings. You will have no idols anymore. You will be idol free. Mammon free.”

Say: Yes, Lord! No idols in our hearts, Father. No idolatry in my heart, and it’s possible because the Continuous Perfect State of Being is in me, and He brings all of that into order in me. Glory to God.

It’s a new beginning for all of us. Because God has respect unto our offerings, we’re going to have respect unto what offerings and how we bring it and how we give it.