God, as a Continuous Perfect State of Being, lives in a place where it is a continuous perfect state of occupation. He brings with Him a continuous perfect state of order. He created earth to be a representation of heaven. As it is in heaven, so should it be on earth.

Jesus came to earth to tell us the perfect state of occupation. He came to restore the perfect state of occupation. Our job as Christians is to bring heaven to earth.

It’s time to come out from the system that has controlled us. It is time to rule. It is time to dominate. What is going to bring us out of the natural order into the spiritual order? Faith!

The kind of faith that puts God’s word in our mouths and hearts and speaks it.

We need to be strengthened in the inner man. We need the Holy Spirit to infill the inner man so that the inner man gets stronger than the outer man.  We are destined for so much greater but we have been hoodwinked into accepting a much lower standard of living.

Pray: I’m praying a Kingdom prayer. I am praying for the continuous perfect space to occupy that space, I’m praying that into the earth. I am a candidate to make this continuous perfect state of occupation happen. Let me occupy.

Jesus prayed this, we must live it. He came to show us what it looks like to make that happen. He is saying to us, “I have come with a spiritual order that is way above this natural order. Whatever you think you can do with your natural order, at My Word, I will bring the spiritual order that will change everything!”

If you obey the spiritual order you will get things done that cannot be done in the natural.  The natural order is subservient to the spiritual order.

Jesus is bringing to us the solution for when the crisis and the chaos comes. We have to be Kingdom minded, not natural laws minded. We have to prepare ourselves now for things that are going to happen because we are not going to be touched by them.

If we are ready for it, God is going to bring the super, and He’s going to put it on our natural and the Kingdom of God is going to be demonstrated amongst us. If you believe it, you will receive it. If you don’t believe it, you won’t see it.

You have got to start to make a demand on the Kingdom of heaven, the Kingdom of God, the ways of God, the order of God. The same One that broke the bread, He’s living in you. You got to let Him out of there and out of your mouth and let Him do the work. Let the angels work with His words that are coming out of your mouth. Jesus came to give us that power.

Don’t bow to the suggestions of the enemy. Don’t bow to the systems that want to box you into another religion. We are not them. Let’s change the world. We’re living in redemption and we’re going to live in the revelation of God. We have just started our revolution.