Oh Father, let us have access to Your presence at once, because of the precious blood of Jesus and Father we make much of the blood this whole weekend, when we make much of the blood the blood makes much of us, Lord let the blood work in our hearts, our midst for this crossover.

Say: We declare that we are ready to receive everything that God has for us, over this whole weekend, in Jesus’s name.

It’s amazing and wonderful that Jesus died for us. Because of his death, we have a desire to go to church. If we didn’t have Jesus in our hearts we would not be here. If we understand what happens in our hearts when Jesus comes and lives in our hearts, it’s that he puts something in our hearts, that is His life, when you have life, His life in your heart, His life is calling you to a relationship with Him personally.

What a good day for us “Good Friday” the day Jesus died for us, there is no other religion that can say their god has died for them and that their god has raised from the dead for them and that their god still lives. We have a living God: Jesus is His name. Amen.

We must be so grateful that God has sent us Jesus, that Jesus came to die for us and gave us His life. When Jesus did that, he did some amazing things, over the course of this weekend we will go into more detail – meaningful answers to questions, life questions that we are dealing with all the time.

God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into our hearts and we cry out, “Father!“ Because we can cry out Father, we are no longer slaves but we are sons that can cry out. “Father!” Our relationship is directly with Him, the more we cry from our hearts “Father” the more He recognizes us as sons and our calling for Him.

When Jesus came , the Father said He’s going to take stripes on His body , 39 of them , so that by His stripes we can live a disease-free life. We can live free of sickness and disease, He didn’t come to do a half job. When he came he had those stripes on His body, He came to do the whole job. He came to deliver us from everything that will try to dominate and control our lives. When Jesus came, He took all of it on His body.

The power is available to us, it’s called the life of Christ that lives in us, and the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in us. If we obey Him, then our obedience to Him brings things into our natural world that we couldn’t hope to have.

Say: I believe in the healing power of God, there is power in the Blood of Jesus. His Blood is here to save ourselves from ourselves, and we ourselves are sometimes our biggest problem. His Blood has come to save us from ourselves. Glory to Jesus. Hallelujah.