Corporate New Sound in Praise & Worship – Ps Sharon Bendixen

We are in a process of changing our sound by the instruction of the Holy Spirit who has
told us that we have to find our sound that He wants us to have. He does not want us
having a sound that He has given other places. He wants us to have our own sound and so
we’re in the process with the whole worship group – smashing the box.
You’re going to hear different sounds and you’re gonna to hear different songs and things
are gonna be new to you.
The Lord has given us a way of bringing in a completely different sound so that we can
help our own ears to not hear the same sound we’ve been hearing for years. God is being
radical with us. So thank you for cooperating with us and understanding. We’re still gonna
own every song, we’re still gonna enter into every song, because the words of the songs
that we are going to bring are going to be words you’re gonna want to say to God as well
as sing to God. God the Holy Spirit in us and He’s going to anoint everything that we’re
going to do today. Every sound – and we’re going to enter in and He’s going to come
and presence Himself with us today in such an amazing way and we are confident. We are
confident because our confidence is in Him.
There’s power in sound from heaven. We give him our natural – our instrument, whether it’s
the voice or the strings or the drums or the percussion and God anoints it. In this house,
He anoints it and more and more deliverance from demonic activity in our lives. There’s the
pruning and cleansing quality of sound and song that we partake of. Because sound and
song is on the table too..
I’d like to encourage you in some things – especially when we had quite a lengthy worship
session like this morning and it’s such a good exercise for you to train yourself spiritually
to focus and concentrate spiritually to stay with God in your heart with the song and the
sounds. Otherwise you might find yourself drifting out. So this is meant for you – a long
worship session like this – is meant for you as a spirit-being, to be able to train your spirit
to stay in the spirit – stay with your heart in the song – let your ears continue to listen to the
sound when there is no singing and there’s just sounds. It’s a spiritual exercise for you – it’s
part of your spiritual preparation and it’s an opportunity for you to enlarge, to flourish in
your worship. To flourish means to expand, to get bigger in your capacity, to be capacious
– a beautiful English word – to become more capacious, enlarge yourself to stay longer.
Ps John:
The ministry of the psalmist that is working through Ps Sharon and the rest of the team, is
evident, that we are wanting to develop a sound in the spirit that our words and the flow of
the Spirit are combining to help what the rest of the service is gonna look like and create a
platform for dynamic, Spirit-filled, powerful teaching of the Word of God.