There is nothing that can compare with having the life of Jesus inside of you. There is nothing on this earth, there is nothing in eternity that can come close to actually having this understanding that the Most High God is in you. The moment you were conceived as a spirit to come to the earth, you already had all of the DNA, all of the everything that it needed to be what God wanted it to be. Your spirit man, when you get born again, looks like a little baby. God created your spirit man with a destiny, with a design, with everything that you need. It’s already perfectly created, but you know nothing. When you go to church, you feed on the Word of God and as your spirit man is being fed and you are active and you are growing, God begins to use you and you begin to be a necessary part of the body.

It is possible for Christians to stay spiritual babies. They bring intelligence, intellect, they bring all kinds of grown-up stuff to the church but their spirit man, that part that is communicating with God, that’s living with God and comes into the church is behaving like a baby. They refuse to grow up. They want to only be rewarded and want to feel good but their attention is on their own selfish desires.

The more you give your attention to God, the more you give your thought process, your words, your world, the more you give to Him, He will let the desire that’s in you draw you closer to your plan, closer to your purpose, because you’re drawing closer to Him. The closer you get to your Creator and your Designer, the closer you’re going to understand what His plan for you is. As you press into God for spiritual desires,  He reveals more and more of my plan and my purpose.

If I am in the presence of God and I’m seeking God for what my design is, my calling is, what God wants me to do, then my spirit man must tell me what to do. The stronger my spirit man becomes, the more my mind and my body get in line with what my spirit man is saying.

I have to stay walking with God so that my desire that is my spirit man, that is connected to my Creator, my Designer, that has a destiny for me is telling me what my body must do, what my soul must do, what my mind must do, and what words must come out of my mouth. Your spirit man desires and your natural ma desires come into a way where your spirit man is leading the natural man. God doesn’t want you to stop having desires. He only wants to dictate what your desires are. The Word that is  being preached will change your desires so that you don’t run after the desires of your natural man.

Say: “I’m going to pursue the desires of my spirit man more than my natural man.”

The anointing on the Word of God will help us to make the adjustment quickly. His grace is there for adjustment. His anointing will help us to change our desires. Give your life to Him. Give your heart to Him. Give your destiny to Him. Give your callings and your plans and your purpose, give it to Him. Let Him really give your desire a turbocharge. Let Him give your desire and your passion- let Him influence you. Let Him help you because we need you and you need other people that have God in them.

How can we turbocharge our desire? By speaking in our heavenly language. This is the quickest way to accelerate a desire for the desires of God to become our desires.

Pray:  Lord, I desire to follow You. Where I’ve been following my own stuff and my own desires, I ask You to help me, that I will follow Your desires and that Your desires will get stronger in me. Those plans and purposes for my life, they will get stronger in me, those that You have for me, will guide me and lead me in Jesus’ name.