I declare that the Lord gives His angels charge over you. No weapon formed against you will prosper. He walks with you, He lives with you, He goes wherever you go and whenever danger will try and come near you, He is putting His angels between danger and you. He gives His angels charge over you. No weapon formed against you will prosper. He will shield you from the success of weapons that are sent to take you out, destroy you and wipe you out, in every area of your life. I declare that the Word of God and the blood of Jesus is surrounding you, it’s taking care of you. It’s making a mark in the heavenlies and in the spirit realm that you are God’s people, you are His children, you are the ones that are protected and guarded and kept safe by Him, by His Holy Spirit, by the Word of God, by His angels, by His blood that was shed.

Our faith is substance because we believe that He is. I believe that if I seek Him, I will be rewarded.

Jesus is revealed by His faithfulness. Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit are full of faith – faithful. They are faith, because they turn what their desire is into evidence. When that thing becomes evidence of what He’s desired then it reveals Him completely. So, He desired us, He talked about us and then His talk became us. That’s faith.

Hebrews 11:1 NLT Hope is desire in a different way. Faith shows the reality of what we desire or what we hope for; it is the evidence of things that we can’t yet see while we are desiring it, but while we are desiring it, it remains just a desire until it becomes evident. The thing about faith is that when you desire it, you already believe that it is the same as though the desire is fulfilled. You behave like it, you talk like it, you live life as though the desire is fulfilled.

We are here because He desired it. But, His greatest expression of His desire is that those men will worship Him and recognise Him as the Most High God. And not everybody makes their desire equal to His desire – they don’t worship Him.

Hebrews 11:1 TPT So, I can’t see it yet, but I hope for it, I desire it, I long for it, and so I’m going to speak it and trust in God that He is going to make it happen because my desire is for Him to be whatever He wants to have on the earth. So, therefore, my desire becomes equal to His desire, so I speak it. I know that it’s going to happen because it happened for Him. And none of what He desired or spoke has not been fulfilled.

Jesus said, Pray this way: Our Father which is in Heaven, hallowed be Your name. Thy Kingdom comes on earth as it is in Heaven. Yes? He was praying, Let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. God never intended for Him to be separated from the things that go on in the earth. He always intended that He would be part of everything happening on the earth.

Desire is something that you will have because God made us with desire. We should not look at desire and say, “This is an ungodly emotion.” Desire is a pure God emotion. But if you are able to channel it to something else then that desire becomes something that’s not worshiping God but it’s a self-desire. If you look around you in the world, that spirit creating desire for other things, is currently at work in the world.

The church has got it so wrong for so long that we wanted to try to manage and teach against people’s desire. You can’t teach against desire through a message that demands conformity. Religion is just acting Christianity. God made you to have  passion and desire.  

Satan’s operation is purely focused on every human creature’s desire. Because if satan can get you to desire your own thing for your own self, whatever you want when you want it, and how you want it, if he can get you to focus on yourself, then your desire for yourself grows. The more you do for yourself, what you want to do for yourself, your desire for your self-fulfillment grows. But it’s a never-ending pit because it actually can never satisfy you.

Can you see that our job is to show off Jesus to principalities and powers in the Heavenly places? Can you see our job is to show Jesus off? You show Him off, you show Him up by expressing your desire. When I speak praise, thanksgiving, worship, gratitude for what He’s given to me. Because I’m showing Him off, because I’m showing my desire through my words.

If you give Jesus time, attention, words, energy then He fills you and then His desire gets much stronger to have more of Him and the more you have of Him, the more you want of Him. If you fill your world with other things that you desire, that’s not God, then guess what your world is going to be full of? Those things.

When you follow Him, you get full of Him and when you are full of Him, then you are fulfilled. But if you are filled with other things, you can never be fulfilled because that thing doesn’t fill the thing that God designed you to be. That’s why it doesn’t matter to people in the world how much money or power they have. They always want more.

People want the outcome of faith without doing the process of faith. Well, what’s the process of faith? Where’s your desire fixed on? People, who are not living in the desires of God, but they live in their own desires, they don’t get their desires so they say, “That thing, it doesn’t work.” But their desire is not truly in what God wants, their desire is in the reward but they’re not prepared to seek Him.

God says, “I have given you an imagination, I’ve given you visions and I’ve given you dreams to be like Me. When you ‘be like Me’, My desires are going to be expressed in you, and then you will express Me amongst others.”

The anti-god spirit is at work all the time to conform us into the image of one another, for us to live by the fear of man and the fear of the future that is dictated by the fear of man, rather than the fear of God.

I asked the Lord, I said, “Lord, what happens after, The Year of Maximum?” You know I’m not looking for a prophetic word, I’m just asking Him. Then He said, “More, more of maximum.” You can’t get more than maximum but you can get more of maximum. You can get maximum in every area, so more of it. I’m already confessing that I’m going to the maximum. I’m going to the highest level attainable and I’m going to get more of it.

You were created with desire to fulfill design. Design is the container of purpose and all sin is a violation of design and purpose. God is the Creator of design, He is the Creator of desire and He is the Creator of purpose. If you take design and purpose and the origin out of that, you’re only left with desire. If you’re just left with desire, then you’re left with, “I’ll do what I want to do, when I want to do it and how I want to do it.” Then people create their own sense of purpose and destiny.

It is called the lust of the flesh. It is called the pride of life. It’s called the lust of the eyes. The devil says, “Go for it, because when you’re there, I’ve got you. The more you live there, the more I’ve got you and finding your way back to God, it’s not going to happen.” Unless there is a bunch of praying Christians that say, “Lord, we’re praying for those Heritage of Faith people. We pray for them that their desires will be in line with Your desire for their life. We pray for them Lord that they won’t go on the way that they think is the best thing for them, but they will follow Your plan, Your purpose and we as
a collective body will find ourselves together when there’s a praying person. It’s the only redemption to a person who give themselves to desire and passion.” Because the more you give yourself to desire and passion, the more it controls you. Because you can’t ever be fulfilled.

Maximum and more. Hallelujah. We live by faith. We live by the design and the desire that God puts in our heart. But you see, I can tell the difference between my own desire and God’s desire, because I can tell what I’m giving my attention to.

I pray, Lord, help me with my desire wherever I have a wrong desire in my heart and in my life, I ask You to help me to get rid of it. The way that I’m asking You to do that, is to help me with my desire for You and I will have a greater desire for You in my life, in my heart and everything that I say and think and do. In Jesus’ name, I receive Your help, right now, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This walk of faith in Christ is a journey. This is not a one-time thing, I make a decision and everything is perfect after that. We live and every day you are going to be confronted with desires and some of those desires have been in your heart for a long time and you don’t even know that it’s a bad desire. But if you ask God, He will help you.