I got a picture in my spirit that I have to declare over you today: 

The blessings of God, the glory of God, the wonder of God, and the goodness of God are overtaking you. The blessing of God will literally overtake you and bypass the natural time and things. The blessing of God is busy overtaking us as a people. It is overtaking time.


Hebrews 11:1-3 (NKJV)

Every individual has to make a choice to follow God for themselves. If you choose to believe God, and believe in God, it will fundamentally change the way you see the world. You will then spend time pursuing God because per definition God is then more powerful than your intellect, your voice, your talent, or your skill. 


God has a design and intent for us. A fundamental faith choice every day, day by day is to believe God and to get to know Him.  There are a lot of voices out there about who and what God is. The original way that God designed man was to have no interference between Him and us and that we would have a free flow of communication. Man decided from the beginning to pursue his own ways and what he thinks is best for himself (like Adam did). 


Hebrews 10:3-36 (NKJV)

God is God. His power goes with what He believes and with what He says. There is nothing that can stop it. The most perfect place that you can live in your life is to be like Him because that is the way He designed you – to think like Him, talk like Him and behave like Him. It is not whether we can or not, it is whether we choose to or not. Many people reject God and live according to their own desires and nature. To live in faith and celebrate our faith day by day we need to have a living daily relationship with God. There is no greater life that we can live. You have to make a choice to endure and keep walking with God until you see the evidence of it. Even though you may not see it immediately, when you live in God it is infiltrating and changing your world. 


Hebrews 11:5-7 (NLT &TPT)

Religion is only an act if someone is not making choices to press into God, and become more like Him. In our modern-day, we have to be spiritually attuned and constantly guarding ourselves against this hyper-sensory world continuously giving us feedback, stimulating emotions, big thoughts, and big conversations.  I never start a big conversation with Brother Jerry. I give him the privilege of starting that conversation with me. I would rather be in a place where our conversations are activated by a process of spiritual recognition and spiritual order. Your conversations with God must not be casual but with sincerity, persuasion, and ready and filled with obedience.  


2 Timothy 3:1-9 (NLT)

Don’t act your religion. Celebrate your day-to-day faith by pursuing God’s plan for your life and being obedient to Him. Be grounded in the plan that God has implemented for your life, and don’t be moved by the bombardment of senses and circumstances. 

There is a part of a woman that can be deceived when becoming vulnerable through circumstances in life. It is a problem globally in the body of Christ that women are more hungry for God and always following new teachings because they are looking for some kind of supernatural power that can change their circumstances. Thank God we have order in this church. I trust that we are representing Jesus well.


Exodus 7:11-13 (NLT)

Counterfeit faith is just an acting faith for advantage, and not being persuaded that God is your God. Real faith people’s faith will stand the test of time and will show fakes and frauds (like Jannes and Jambres) who will be consumed by God’s power. People in the church treat the church like it is a magician, they’re looking for signs and wonders, but are just acting. When real faith is working the people who are acting’s hearts get harder and they become more determined to prove themselves.


Hebrews 11:5-7 (TPT)

Our faith is sure and steady. It is grounded in the true and living God. A true place is a living relationship with God where you take the Word of God to heart, meditate on it and speak it. When you behave like Him, speak like Him, and think like Him your life then becomes pleasing to Him. 


The collective intellect and collective voice is not always right. Generally speaking the collective chooses themselves before they choose God.  Every day the collective intellect wants to assault your intellect and infiltrate your mind and influence your emotion, your choices, and the way you recognise the future. The collective wants to shut your worship down and wants you to sound like them. Many out there are throwing their own rods out that turn into snakes. 


There was a great reset that happened with Noah. Noah loved God and was the one family God could count on.  The Holy Spirit’s anointing was upon Noah in everything that he did. Every day God gave him the vision and the purpose and he obeyed. Every day he had to go and cut down some more trees, crafting something that has never been crafted before. God could let the Holy Spirit rest on him and pull him into every detail of everything that he needed in all of his life. 


I want us to celebrate the same faith that Noah had; day-by-day faith. Wake up every morning and say: “Lord I have the purpose, the understanding and I know what I am called to do. Show me day by day exactly what I must do. I praise You in advance that my faith is working and I am speaking and framing my world into being. I will know what is next to do. You show me and I am speaking it. I do not need affirmation from someone else to agree with my intellect. I am sure about what God has called me to and I do not let the world’s corruption drive my agenda.”


Every single day you will be confronted with thinking in your mind to choose to believe the truth or to listen to the collective intellect. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Acknowledge the fact that your mind is attacking you and that your own good self is attacking your own good self. Speak something out that is in line with God’s Word and tell your mind to obey. Speak to yourself and tell yourself to get in line with the Word of God and to stop intellectualizing yourself. 


God has given us a powerful spirit of faith. Live by your faith. Overcome the world and reframe your world with this overcoming faith that can change everything. Believe that He is. Go after Him, otherwise, the collective intellect is just going to undermine you every day. 

Give yourself a pep talk when you get up in the morning.  

Say, “Come on faith giant. Come on you glorious Christian. You believing spiritual being. Let’s change the world today. Praise Jesus. I do not allow the enemy to steal from me. I do not allow the collective intellect to take anything from me. My life is committed and dedicated to Him. My energy is His today. My life is His today. My words are His today. My skills, talents and my everything is His today.   I am a son of God. Jesus lives in my heart. I will be eternally in His presence. I live by the faith that He gives me. My faith is working. My faith is active. My faith is changing my world in Jesus’ name. I do not settle for anything ordinary. I am extraordinary. The blessing is overtaking me. Normal time doesn’t matter anymore. It is God’s time; supernatural time; spiritual time. The God fix is coming into my life right now. I speak fixing anointing, restoring anointing, redeeming anointing, and correcting anointing over my life in Jesus’ name. Jesus did all the work. I get into the slipstream as His blessing is overtaking me. It is slipstreaming time”. 

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