Bro Jerry’s Prayer Over the Seed: The Prophet’s Reward – Jerry Savelle

“Well Father—I receive this with humility and with joy because I know what it represents and I
am deeply touched by it Lord and I want you Holy Spirit to convey to every person who sowed
in this.
Let them know how deeply touched I am by this and what a special significant seed this is to
And Lord – just like You said to me: I want them to know that this represents the prophets
chamber in preparation of His coming…
And Lord I am expecting the same thing to take place when I do arrive as happened in this
story of this woman and this man – building that chamber for the prophet
And once he got there – it opened the door to the miraculous for the people who built that
And I’m believing that this is going to open the door to the miraculous for the people who
built this chamber.
And Lord I thank you for John and Sharon and their hearts desire to do this and how deeply
touched I am by that and I am just believing in the Name of Jesus that this is going to cause
manifestations of Your blessing, Your favor and Your miraculous power on their behalf beyond
anything they have ever experienced before!
The prophet’s reward!
I don’t know what all is involved in that Lord but when you give to a prophet you are entitled
to the prophet’s reward.
There’s a whole lot more involved in that than what I know at this moment but whatever it
involves – in its entirety! I believe that for John and Sharon
Thank You Jesus!”
Please note that Brother Jerry says: I receive this with humility.
He received what we did for him with HUMILITY!
As we come to be with him for these 3 days we receive him with humility!
We receive all he has to say like little children.
We receive all he is going to do by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, with humility!
Brother Jerry was deeply touched by what we did, therefore we will have hearts that are
deeply touched by everything he comes to say and do among us!
As you fast and pray, declare that the door to the miraculous is open to you!
Declare the favor and the blessing and the miraculous power of God for you beyond anything
you have ever experienced before!
With much love,
Ps John and Sharon