Big and Bold Part 2 – Ps John & Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:21-25, 31-34 (TPT); Ephesians 3:9-12 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 6:16-18 (TPT); 2 Corinthians 7:1 (TPT)

Every human is an eternal being with everything in them (gifts, callings, talents) to fulfil God’s assignment, purposes, and plans on the earth. The book of Romans says the earth is groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. There is a momentum and a shift in a certain direction of God’s order on the earth and it is the church that must get it done.

God’s dream is the Church: full of the resurrection life of Christ, ruling and reigning as kings, seeking God and the Kingdom and the heavenly realm first. God is wanting to fuse the energies of men (young and old) in His church; working and collaborating and cooperating together, increasing in boldness, knowing that they are about the Father’s business. We are to allow Him to live in us, amongst us and walk with us and direct our lives, plans, and His will and His purposes that He wants. As we walk those things out in obedience, it becomes revealed to supernatural, spiritual forces that the Church is alive, worshipping, obeying, powerful, and is being used by God to dominate and to bring about the will of God in the earth.

In this new era time for us, the Prophetic Word is pulling us up to a higher level of Christian living. God has planned triumphant, marvellous, abundant overflow things for us.
There is a shift of going big and growing up now:
• shifting our minds and our thinking;
• living in trust and having faith that God will take care of us;
• focusing on the realm of the Kingdom of God and the things He wants us to do;
• being sons chasing and seeking after His Kingdom realm first;
• focussing our energy, prayers, and life assignments on the more important things of what the church is to demonstrate on the earth.

We all have this very brief moment in our lives where we can show our love for God in a human body that faces obstacles and challenges and temptations (that we love Him more than we love things, ourselves, our careers).

Personal Confession:
It is the time of God.
I am consumed with the recognition of what God is doing right now.
I am willing and ready to change with God’s direction in specified new things, in this new era with prophecy and with the messages.
I am prepared to go through a new door, go into a new era, and I will obey God and follow the things of God.
I put the simple mundane things of my life in their proper place, and I let God take care of that.
I am separated from the world’s low life living. I do not worry about mundane basic needs, I am not driven by them and I do not chase after them.
I am consumed and attentive to the will, plans, and purposes of God.
I do not focus my faith energy on what my body wants but on my eternal future and relationship with God.
My words and actions reveal my faith that God is powerful in my life.
I tithe because of my trust in God.

According to the Prophetic Word I expect:
• Awakening (becoming more attentive to the will, plans, and purposes of God)
• Shaking (things to be removed and replaced)
• Shifting (changing position and direction)
• Displacing (laying aside something or someone and making room for another)
• Outpouring (a sudden rapid flow and barrage of God’s Spirit, God’s power, God’s anointing, God’s love, and God’s blessings).

I step up and I grow up.
I enter into this new year with boldness in my:
Defence, protection, offence, new directions, new predictions and declarations, established faith, sowing, obtaining a great harvest.

Part of my boldness is being obedient to the words that God tells me to do.
I become like a little child, obeying the instruction of God.
I learn to obey His command instantly and immediately for my protection and wellbeing (because there are some things that God can see that I can’t see).
Willing and obedient I will eat of the good of the land.
I am about God’s business and not just my own.
I ask You Father, “What is Your will? What are You doing? What are You up to my Father? Where’s my part?”

Collective Confession (congregation):
Together we agree in Jesus’ name, that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is rising.
We let Him be strong in us, around us and amongst us, and together in us.
Lord, we commit as a church, as a people on the earth at this time that we will do this.
We will obey You, Lord.
We will give ourselves to You, Lord.
We will walk with You, Lord.
We will strive with strength and confidence and boldness into the big things that You have planned for the eternal ages to see the manifold wisdom of God.