Big and Bold Part 13: Kingdom Finances Part 8 – Ps John & Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:26-27 (NLT); 1 John 3:8 (AMPC); Mark 14:23-26 (AMPC)

Nothing happens in the natural world, except it first comes from the spiritual world created by God.

Genesis 1:26-27 (NLT)
God, the Divine Being and Author of all things, decided to make man in His image – Divine and human at the same time. God gave man an understanding of eternity and therefore a choice, which makes man different from other living creatures on the earth. We can choose our eternity.

The enemy of God deceived man with the very desire to be like God and somehow, he made them believe there was more of God to know. He manipulated God’s Words and deceived them. Man, then went from being the supreme being in the universe next to God and became a much lesser being. He never had all the wonders of the Divine being living in the human body, He was separated from that very force of life. Adam failed to follow the Divine imperative. Not only did he fall, but he dragged the entire universe down with him.

Adam changed profoundly after he erred, he took the enemy into himself and thereby made evil an integral part of his makeup. His inner harmony and complete oneness with God were disrupted. Life became a bitter conflict, and a struggle between good and evil, truth and falsehood, death and life. Adam made a forever human, Divine, relationship-altering decision and forfeited his sovereignty and the authority that God gave him to rule and reign on earth.

Our biggest challenge, as Adam, is not to know the truth, it’s the persuasive arguments of the system of the world that would try and drag us on a different path to the truth (to not follow the Divine leading). Satan’s manipulating words constantly try to get us to not obey God completely and not live in absolute harmony internally. It profoundly alters us when we are disobedient to God (from His original intent for our lives). If we’re disobeying the written will of God, it will lead us to where it led Adam (a diminished, smaller world and conflict within self, never sure) a continual internal struggle. We cannot follow our own desires.

When we obey God, the desire to eat of the Tree of Life grows, and our desire for other things begins to fade. We can then start to be led by that desire, and the Holy Spirit’s voice, because it’s based on obeying the Word of God (trusting God with a bigger deeper trust, a life directing trust, where we no longer trust ourselves).

The reason Jesus came to the earth (1 John 3:8 AMPC)
God had to send the Divine Word of God Himself, Jesus (all Divine, but also all human) with the purpose to come and obey God in everything and to undo the works that the devil has done (to restore to man everything that Adam walked in). Jesus sacrificed His Body willingly and committed His Spirit to the Father. He did everything he could in the human body, as both Divine and natural man, and the Father called Him out of the grave and resurrected His body so that His Spirit could live eternally in that new Divine body. Jesus became the firstborn of many that will have the same experience as Him.

Those of us that are born again, that have asked Jesus to come into our lives, are designed to take Him fully into our hearts and be new creatures living on earth with authority, harmony, unity, and glory – the absolute symphony – with God. Every day, the devil wants to put a dampener on our vision and cause us to disobey, so we can be in disharmony. He brings alternate vision and alternate words to God’s Word trying to persuade Christians to walk away from the harmony and the beauty and the glory of the personal authority that they have in God and the truth of God’s Word.

There are two systems at work. The system of the world (of disharmony, disunity, destruction, death, no vision) vs the Kingdom of God (harmonious, abundant overflow, growing, developing, productive, seedtime and harvest time).

Celebrate what His Body did for you (Mark 14:23 -26 AMPC)
The cross was an absolute demand of God’s eternal plan. Pure Blood was spilled as a Divine Offering to cover the sins of every human being. God covered and obliterated the effects of the enemy through the Blood and the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. His blood produced a new covenant, a covenant that is restoring back to man what Adam lost.

As you partake in communion say,
Divine life comes into my body and my soul and immediately produces the life of Christ in me; bringing healing and freedom from every kind of oppression in my human world. I receive my healing, I receive forgiveness and I receive deliverance from the Lord Jesus Christ by the Person of the Holy Spirit.