Beloved Part 4 The Spirituals – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Matthew 17:5-6 (NKJV); Ephesians 6:10-12 (NKJV); John 3:1-8 (NKJV); Hebrews 12:9, 18-24 (NKJV); 1 Peter 1:27 (NKJV); John 1:1 (NKJV); 2 Peter 1:1-4 (NKJV)

Ephesians 6:10-12 (NKJV) Our war is not against humans. Our war is against spirits that drive humans, and we should ask, “What is the spirit that is driving the human?”

John 3:1-8 (NKJV) Look at yourself as a spirit being and not a human being. The natural man can’t control, contain and hold the spirit man that is controlled by God. We are spirit beings, and we have the legal right to receive everything from God. Whatever is affecting the natural realm cannot control your spirit. Your spirit is free to function the way God intended you to function.

Hebrews 12:9, 18-24 (NKJV) – The real you, the spirit you, has a Father, God. The Father of your spirit is the One that you should be accountable to and have honour for. Your born-again spirit has come to the Living God. The Blood of Jesus speaks of the better things that we as spirit beings can live in and live by. We don’t have to tremble at the presence of God, we can freely have access into the presence of God as spirit beings (made perfect/mature), that have Jesus living in our spirits (not as perfect humans).

1 Peter 1:27 (NKJV) – The inside of you, the being that is made up of you, your spirit being is incorruptible, because Jesus lives in your spirit. You are born again of an incorruptible seed. The spirit man inside of you cannot be corrupted. So, if you have a confrontation in your natural man, you say, “No, I’m not going to let the corruptible mind influence the incorruptible spirit. I speak to my incorruptible spirit, and I say, spirit man, command me what to do; command me through the Word of God, command me by the Holy Spirit, command me in my mind what I must do.”

Your spirit man and the Word of God that you have put into your spirit man, will live together forever with the Source of the Word, which is Jesus. Anything from your corruptible mind and emotions must be judged.   

Your spirit is the only thing that can make a difference in your life, that can change your future. 

Supernatural intelligence comes through your spirit into your mind if you let it. If you are in the spirit; no person, argument, reason, function nor power can defeat you. The spirit being, the life of God that you choose, has more power than anything that is in the natural. There is no natural power that can defeat you if you are in the presence of God, the will of God, the assignment of God. You spirit being, are the smartest person in the room, you are the answer to every problem, you have the wisdom and knowledge of God. If you get into His presence, into His Word and into His ways and you let God speak with an incorruptible Word that lives forever into an incorruptible spirit man that lives forever – you have the answer (certainly of your own life). 

2 Peter 1:1-4 (NKJV) – We get our righteousness from our Lord Jesus Christ. What brings us to our knees in humility is that Jesus paid the price so that we can have access to the presence of God our Father with boldness (not because of our perfection).  You have everything that you need to live life; His life and for godliness; His way of life that He has given you through His divine power. Only your choice can stop His divine power and all things given by Him to you.

The world can have no godly emotion. Any movie is presenting a corruptible idea through a corruptible being and they’re speaking to a corruptible soul and mind watching the movie. They put an idea into your mind, a thought of the way you should behave that is corruptible. If you begin to behave in line with what you have perceived and watched, it triggers a lust emotion in you, rather than the Spirit of God. It speaks to your corruptible man, not your incorruptible man. But if you listen to the Word of God, hear the Word of God, speak the Word of God, it impacts your incorruptible man and then it can deal with any incorruption that comes to you.

Don’t put your body or your mind first – put your spirit first. In any situation ask, “What does my spirit man say?” If you become spirit conscious, then you will recognize that you must feed and grow your spirit, because your life depends on what comes out of your spirit. Work hard to keep your mouth shut in conversations and activities that incite lusts. Words play on emotions that bring about a case that incites all manner of lust forces (greed, jealousy, envy etc.).

What you focus on is what you develop, nourish and grow. Many people will see their mind and the power of their soul as the advantage that they have in life and what will bring them success.  You are a spirit; you have a body and you operate through your soul. As the temple of the Holy Spirit your body should be kept in condition so that it can keep you functioning well on the earth. When you die, your body will collapse. What you nourish in your spirit and soul is what is going to go with you to eternity. The best thing you can do for eternity is to live according to God’s assignment for your life. God has given us a very slim change in this lifetime to show that we choose him and choose His assignment for our lives.  

We need to grow up and become the spirits of just men made mature.  Our spirits are eternal. Only your walk with Jesus and receiving Him into your heart as your personal Lord and Saviour gives you any right to an eternal destiny. No matter how good your body might look or how much your soul is developed, as good as that may feel, your intellectual development has zero value for the future, nothing.

Say, “My spirit is the real me”.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds in minds and souls. Understand that God is dealing with spirit beings and the life of God is in the spirit of every born-again believer. Recognize that every activity is to try and control the mind and the soul of people. If they come to you with soul and mind stuff, speak to the spirit man. The devil puts thoughts into minds, habits, cultural issues, lusts for power, lust for money, lust for other things, and fear. But the incorruptible power that is inside of you can deal with all of it – you can get rid of it. All sickness that come into a physical body is spiritual. Sickness also comes into your mind. To think you have control over your future and destiny is a sickness, a disease, lust and a sin.

This whole world is institutionalized and designed to develop intellects and souls. The church has not had the teachers that have had the revelation and the inspired Word of God to teach us how to develop and grow our spirits to function and excel and bring all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him into our world and to those around us. Christians should be active about growing their spirit man all day, every day. You should consider the development of your spirit your number one priority (not university, college or even high school). After you have developed your spirit man, God will lead you to the correct amount of intellect that you should spend on accumulating knowledge that is useful in the natural system. He will guide you into how you should use your body and how it becomes useful in the natural world.

If we all know and believe, according to Scripture, that the real you is the spirit man we should really be focused on building, growing and feeding the sprit man through the living Word of God and with the language of prayer.

When fasting you are saying, “I choose not to give my body or my soul the benefit of what it wants. I choose to focus my spiritual energy on the real development of me”.

This is good news because you and I have the opportunity to live as spirit beings. The Bible says we should know each other after the spirit and not after the flesh (which is corruptible). It is critical and eternally relevant what we do with our spirit man, how you grow it and how you allow it to impact your choices. Now is the moment for your self will to be given over to Him and say, “I will give my will over to You and I ask You to be the Lord and Saviour of my life”. Get born-again and let your spirit man guide you into the things that are good for you.

Say, “My spirit man is the real me. The real me receives peace, grace and the joy of the Lord. I am blessed, I have abundance and I walk in the fullness of God that comes through my spirit man, in Jesus’ name”.