Beloved Part 2 Beloved And Enemies – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Mark 1:9-11 (NKJV)

Beloved means: much-loved person; adored; favourite; esteemed; prized, to be treasured; highly regarded; to be admired. Beloved and pleasing go together because there is a mutual compatibility, understanding, unity, harmony, agreement and flowing together. Just because you are a Christian does not make you to have that kind of relationship with God. You have to harmonise, agree and please Him to walk in the relationship/status of beloved. This is different from the unconditional love that gets you saved, this is a relationship where you are walking in the love and ways of God. It is not a performance thing; it is a choice.

There are many people that hear messages preached from the pulpit. They go to church every Sunday and hear a lot of messages, but they don’t change their lifestyle because they’re not hearing in spirit, and their spirit man is not converting their hearing to choices. Living in God is not only hearing with your natural ears, but hearing with your inward, spiritual ears so that you become Him in spirit and lifestyle. His Words then makes a difference to your life, it shapes you and forms you into what He created you to be. You are perfectly created and designed to hear Him and to walk according to His ways. When you live the Word of God, the power of God’s Words changes and impacts you and your natural world – and you then become an answer to yourself by the Holy Spirit and a problem solver for someone else.

God is the Designer, Author, and Creator of all life. Anything designed is to initiate a purpose; the purpose that it was designed for creates a destiny. Your purpose by definition establishes your destiny.  Your creative purpose, the destiny of what you were created to do, the Creator’s original intent; is really what you’re going to be marked by. The fact that other things happened to you is not what you should be known for.

Destiny requires accountability to the designer. If there is no accountability, then you cannot match up to your destiny. We are all accountable to God (to fulfil the purpose that He designed us for). If we are influenced or persuaded to step outside of the sequence of the designer, we are put on the wrong side of the Eternal Designer and the process of dysfunction. We end up living for self (and to dysfunction) and no longer living for purpose and destiny.  

God gave the children of Israel bread of life every day. The Word of God that you received yesterday cannot give you faith for the life you live today. You must have bread every day for the day that you live. To live by faith and to exercise faith is to use the Word of God every day. The Word of God is designed to give you your purpose, design and accountability towards your Creator as you speak it. You are perfectly created for destiny. The minute you say “Yes” to the Lord, you stop the dysfunction process from continuing in your life.

You are perfectly created for fellowship and seamless interaction between you and God. In fact, you have to be trained to ignore God and His Word. The enemy of God has created an entire culture system, a set of norms in society (societal behaviour pattern requirements) to train us to ignore God and look at the realities of what we see infront of us. We are going through an alternate training process the whole weeklong, that’s why coming to church on a Sunday morning is not good enough to have a relationship with God and why things like Bible School, prayer meetings, sound and song are so important.

Matthew 12:22-30 (NKJV)

We are all involved in a clash of kingdoms.

Hearing the Words of the Kingdom of God, Words of Light, Words of Truth requires us to respond, because on the other side of that is a dysfunctional kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan. This is a very real, highly organized, functional kingdom of demons, devils and Satan which operates in darkness. If you choose not to live by the Words of God, you are going to live in a dysfunction lifestyle. Many people make shipwreck of their lives because they don’t live in either of the kingdoms, they try to live in both. Jesus Himself said you cannot serve Me and mammon. God knows people’s thoughts, motives of their hearts and behaviour and brings the Sword of His Word to separate what is in the soul and what is in the spirit. 

Jesus confronted and exposed into the natural realm two invisible kingdoms/powers. He brought the invisible power He was walking in; the beloved status (the will, ways and love of God) into a situation where the invisible power of darkness caused a condition in a human body (blind & dumb). Jesus knew the anti-God behaviour pattern that was at work.  The majority of the church today do not preach and teach about the kingdom of darkness. Most of the modern-day church is sliding into a condition where they have no will, power, or recognition of the operations of darkness anymore.

Satan is hell-bent to make sure that you are kept being trained by the system, the culture, the order of the world’s environment for you to obey that rule, rather than the rule of God’s Word. The training continues and if the church doesn’t rise up it has no power to deal with what is coming.

Satan has no power. He gets his power from God-created human beings, who has the right to choose. To devour, Satan must seek someone who gives him power. The conflict in the kingdoms is played out in the lives of human beings. Satan uses questions to cause a desire for answers and to live outside the will and the ways of God. The first thing Satan does is to ask a question regarding your purpose and destiny.

God didn’t call you because He gave you a talent, He called you because He gave you a purpose and a destiny. God’s destiny for you is eternal. Man-made systems to elevate and promote you are temporary. People born with good hand-eye coordination got to be trained to become better. The training process begins because potential exist. The system wants the potential to be released so that it can be trained, controlled, and dysfunctional in the way a life is lived (with a talent rather than following God with purpose).

Jesus was human, not just God. With His creative ability and knowledge, He could have become the greatest carpenter that the world ever knew. He did not follow the future His natural father created for Him to follow, because God called Him before the beginning of time for a purpose. He had to choose as a human to obey God and to be able to say, “It is finished” – the work that You sent Me to do in my humanity.

The devil will do everything he can to stop you from operating and living as a powerful sprit being that knows the difference between darkness and light. He uses the seemingly more real sensory realm we live in, than the more real spirit kingdom realms that are functioning around us. As the Words of God get stronger in you, and the power of His will and His ways grow inside of you, you become more discerning of the ways and operations of darkness and light. As you begin to walk and speak and come against the power of darkness, you begin to take charge and authority, and you begin to walk like the son of God that you were intended to be and born to be.

Today the kingdom of darkness is exposed and revealed.

Ephesians 6:10-12 (NKJV)

Because you live in a training system where you continually give up your rights, you got to be strong in the Lord. Anything else (training, academia etc)  is not a match for the power of darkness.

Because the devil has no power he has to come with deceiving questions, ambitions and desires to have more, know more and be more. He comes with deceptive things, so you have to be strong in the Lord. You must be that being that is purposed, created and designed to say, “I’m strong in the Lord, because His Words are strong in me. I can stand against the enemy’s wiles and deceiving practices”.

Our wrestling match is not against persons with bodies, but against rulers, with various areas and descending orders of authority, against the world dominators of the present darkness. If you ignore the Word of God in your life you are permitting the kingdom of darkness to order your steps. The kingdom of darkness is as close to you as wrestling with a person with a body.

God never dominates. Anything that is a domination impact (to dominate with thinking, words, strength, choices, will) is in the realm of darkness, because that’s not the way God operates. God operates through free choice and through love. God’s love, His continuous perfect state of being, which is expressed as unconditional mercy and grace is towards our own continuous perfect state of being, which is experienced as life, love, hope and joy.

Satan’s sin was to dispute the absolute authority and will of God. Satan has ambitions to rule the world eternally and to dominate earth through the lives of men. He wants to create a world order that is darkness, that is dominated by men over men so that men do what men tell them to do (and to have futures continuously dictated).

Governments, financial institutions, and medical authorities do not have the answers for mankind. The church is the only institution that can prevent this from happening. We have a responsibility to press into God for what God wants us to do. We are not responsible to find an answer for all the church and all of the world. We are responsible to first press into God for the answers to problems that we have. Because when we do that, then we can let God be God to the next thing that He may ask us to do. But we must start somewhere first.

God needs a church that understands, a church willing to say, 

I am ready to hear the will and the Word of God for me and for my life. Guide me and lead me, Father. Show me your ways on a day-to-day-basis that I may live in them and not go to the left or to the right, but that I may walk steady and straight in the paths that You have created for me. I am always under Your command. I’m always willing to hear what You have to do and say through me. My whole human experience is submitted to you God. I will be the author and creator of answers to problems on the earth.

I am ready to be spiritual. I am ready to be an answer. Thank you, Lord, that I am sensitive to Your will, to Your ways and to Your Word. Thank You, Lord, that I am an answer to the problems of life, and that You answer every problem in my life through Your Word, through Your ways, and through Your will in my life, in Jesus’ name. 

May the peace of God rests upon you. May the power of God, and the strength of God’s Word be so strong inside of you that it combats everything that the dark forces want to bring to your mind, to your emotions and to your wellbeing and the world around you. I declare, in the name of Jesus, that you have answers to every problem that you face in your life and the life of those that are around you, that you have the answer by the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name. I pray that you will experience the power and the presence of God every day this week, in Jesus’ name.