Beloved Part 17 Relationship Restoration Honour Faith And Finances – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

¹“I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.18 Riches and honor are with me, Enduring riches and righteousness.”

Proverbs 8:17,18 NKJV)

Diligence is an important component of the way you seek. Both natural world riches and eternal riches and righteousness are with God. We can be both but it takes those who love Him and seek Him diligently to have both. God wants us to be rich because we seek Him diligently. Because then when we have those kinds of riches, we know what to do with them. Remember it is never a money problem for a christian, it is a relationship problem. If you have a relationship with God, He will give you His view of wealth. He will make wealth be your portion. If you have any alternative view of God, it’s because you’re viewing God through a performance mindset.

Say: Thank You Father that as I seek You diligently, You pour out wealth into my treasury. Thank You Lord that You have no limitation on resources and that Your worldview about wealth now becomes my worldview. 

We must have a shift and begin to see that anything that is a scarcity mindset, a poverty mindset, a fear mindset, a right or wrong mindset and a fairness mindset, these things are a worldview that you have. And you have to be delivered and set free from that worldview to be able to have God’s view that gives you a view of the world, seated with Him in heavenly places. There is a level of trust and honour that comes with understanding that, and it will change your whole way that you see your future. Honour is much more than having a relationship that’s based on equality, or fairness, or right or wrong. Honour is not about how well you perform. Honour goes way beyond respect. Honour goes way beyond recognition. But you can’t have honour unless you have recognition. You got to recognise who God has given to you. You have to recognise who you are in God.

When the Lord begins to bless you, and you’ve done nothing to earn it, other than obey Him. People start to envy your relationship that you have with the most high God, because they can’t understand how God can bless you when their map, their worldview is about fairness, about right and wrong, about performance, and about how you get rewarded for what you put in. God does not bless you by what you put in. God blesses you, because you love Him, and you diligently seek Him. Then He can share things with you that bring wealth to you, that is beyond the performance system of the world.

Isaac obeyed God, he stayed as God said and he sowed in famine and God blessed him. God supernaturally watered his crops.  We need a supernatural component of God in everything we do as Christians otherwise God can’t show Himself to be our living mighty God, if we just do what the world does and get the same results as the world and keep doing what the world does to get the same results as the world has.

He wasn’t perfect, he also had a fear component in his life. We all have a human component that we have to deal with in our lives, but it doesn’t stop us from loving God. It doesn’t stop us from diligently seeking God. You mustn’t let your human component – that component that allows you to have all manner of wrong thinking – you can’t let that component stop you from doing what God tells you to. The devil wants you to stop doing what God tells you to do.

Say: Thank You Lord that You supernaturally take care of me day by day! As I seek You,  everything is filled in my life. Even if I do not know how it will happen, by faith I know that You are making it happen. I live a supernatural life. 

42“There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42 NLT)

In this scripture it stated that Mary discovered that the secret of her life was in the Words of Jesus. She understood that He had words of life and she wanted them. She knew that culturally, all these guests are coming to her house, her sister’s house, and her responsibility would be to help her sister, but she chose the part that was more important to her. She made a conscious decision that she will not be influenced by the culture, she made a conscious decision to sit at the feet of the Master, as a student to learn. Martha was focussed on performance, Mary on relationship. 

Money is not a Christian’s problem. Relationship is. If you will sit at the feet of Jesus, because you want His word to be your life. He will reveal Himself to you. And He will reveal ways of how wealth can come to you. He will. He will reveal ways that wealth can be transferred to you.

Don’t wake up in the morning thinking about how much you’ve got to repent from yesterday before you can encounter God. Wake up in the morning and say, “Thank You that You are the deliverer of all of me, and I come to You with an open clear conscience of the blood of Jesus. Here I am to worship You today, to thank You today, to praise You today, to honor You today. Not because I’m well disciplined but because I trust You, my life is in You.”

He is the one that we serve. He is worthy of serving. He is the worthy One of sitting at His feet, and hearing everything that He’s got to say for us and to us. He’s the most high God. He is Jehovah. He is Jehovah and everything that Jehovah represents; our healing, our health, our protection, our blessing, our everything is in Him. It’s in Him.When there’s famine in the land, He can answer it. No one else can.

Say: I am going to seek You today. I am going to pursue and love You today. Thank You Lord as I do this, you just pour out blessing upon me. Even when I am asleep.