Beloved Part 11 Relationship Restoration – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Our primary relationship must be with God. He must consume us. He must control and have full say over our emotions, over our thought life, over every part of who we are. 

God is a relational God. He sent His Son to die so that He could restore us back to Him.  He never wanted us to be separated. Why are we fasting during this relationship weekend? Because there are some things in your life that have deep roots, that you don’t even know where, or what kind of roots they are. You just know your behaviour pattern keeps happening.  And you don’t know how to deal with it, you are constantly being thrown to the ground and convulse.

It could be in your own mind; “I’m not worthy to be having this kind of relationship with God.” Or guilt and shame because of things that you have done.  Maybe it’s insecurity. Maybe it’s a desire to always be recognised and accepted because you don’t want to have this feeling of rejection. There are many things that happen in people’s lives.

We have a veil. It’s called the blood of Jesus. The veil of the tabernacle has been replaced by the veil of the blood. If you will live in the holiest place behind the veil of the blood, then what’s out there in the world cannot penetrate the veil of the blood.

Pastor John prays: With the authority of the Holy Spirit and of the gift that God has called me to stand in, I command, in the name of Jesus, any spirit that is harassing you, any devil, any demon, anything that comes against you that brings depression, stress, and trouble, that brings all manner of things that come against you, I declare and I command in the name of Jesus, devils, you come off God’s people. I command in the name of Jesus, those people that are outside of your circle harassing you, I command in the name of Jesus, that harassment may not penetrate the blood of Jesus, the veil that is set around you, the power of the Holy Spirit. I say in the name of Jesus, be free.

This type must come out with our prayers and our fasting. Those systems that are oppressing relationships and oppressing your relationship with Jesus and keep on preventing you from making progress, it leaves now in the name of Jesus. It may not remain on you or in your life, and it may never enter back into your life in the name of Jesus.

This prayer includes all manner of sexual sin, past and present, misbehaviour, misconduct. That spirit that harasses people through sin of sex outside of the purity of the marriage bed, it is broken in your life. It may not come back and enter again. In Jesus’ name.

There is a spirit out in the world that’s driving pornography and all manner of transgender sexuality, all manner of “I don’t know what kind of sex I was born to be and what kind of sex I must have now.” It’s designed to confuse and distract you and to cause all manner of problems. I spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and declare: All of those sex spirits out there that are driving a sexual agenda outside of the Word of God, it doesn’t come near you. It is bound in your life now in the name of Jesus and it may not come back. That sex spirit is a spirit of idolatry. It wants you to worship the pleasure of body more than to worship God. He will have no other god before Him. 

God meant sexual intimacy and sexual pleasure to be beautiful and amazing, fantastic. This devil wants to cause a gap between you and your spouse so that you only have sex that’s just enough.

Sex in the marriage bed is not an option. It’s a commandment. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 7, you may not withhold your bodies from each other. No excuses about too much pressure at work; the kids, or all the responsibilities, or even menopause.

1 Corinthians 7:3-5 (AMPC), 3 The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights. That means – sex rights. Why would a woman have the right to demand sex? They don’t have the same urges as men because it’s not just about the physical act,  it’s about obedience to God’s Word, so that the intimacy is a protection against other things. Not because it’s necessarily pleasurable but because it must be so.

3 The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality – the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, and the wife her husband. This doesn’t mean that you are sexually satisfied or unsatisfied. This means the act of what you’re doing satisfies what God requires marriage to do. 4 Marriage is not a place to “stand up for your rights.” Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out (1 Corinthians 7:3-5 MSG).

16 There is more to sex than mere skin on skin. Sex is as much spiritual mystery as physical fact (1 Corinthians 6:16 MSG). It’s spiritual, as much as it is physical.

What if my husband is so demanding I can’t keep up with his desires? You’ve got a much more powerful partner in Jesus and the Holy Spirit than his desire. It says in the book of Peter, men you must live with your wives with understanding. A woman’s body doesn’t react the same way that a man’s does. At the very least, you need to have a conversation and say, “If we want to obey all the Word of God, we need to obey this word, so that we can get the benefits that God’s got for us.” If you need help in this area – first go to the Holy Spirit and the Word and ask Him to help you but then come and get help. Don’t stay away from it because offenses are still in you. 

It is a lie of the devil that you have to perform in bed so that your partner has ultimate pleasure before it’s considered good. Performance in bed is the biggest problem that brings a gap between people. So, women, you don’t feel like it, hey? For a woman, you make a date. You make a commitment, you stick with your commitment.

Men, don’t allow yourself to become so egotistical that,  “I’ve got to make this happen for you.” That’s a lie of the devil, it’s trying to prevent you from having intimacy. Because if you come with the right approach, “I’m doing it because I love God, and I love you. I don’t want this to be because I have pleasure or I don’t, I want to have this because we take pleasure in doing the Word of God and being intimate.” Already things will change in the atmosphere in your life. You shut the door on the devil bringing temptations in all manner of ways.

The world does not know how to have intimacy. They only know how to have carnal sex because the life of God is not in them to help them and to be present in their marriage bed. If you’re not married, stay away from it because it will ruin what you’re going to have in marriage.

Pastor Sharon and I started doing this kind of thing, “Babe, it’s time to close the gap. We haven’t made time for each other. We’ve got to close the gap here because otherwise the gap widens and it gets longer and fewer and then all manner of compensation happens because we were designed by God to have this.”

To the unmarried people, if you make godly choices about your partner and you allow this message to be part of your life, you will not have to be performance orientated in your sex, you will become intimacy orientated. And then you will find that what God will do with the sex will be supernatural so that your enjoyment will be both physical, spiritual and in your soul you will find peace. But don’t go to the world and ask them how to have sex because they don’t know how.

I pray – the order of God in your intimacy in the marriage bed. The order of God and the blessing of God and the power of God’s joy in your intimacy. I release the power and the blessing of God to work this message into your lives that you may receive it with the wisdom and the understanding that is personal to you. And that the enemy will not come in and distract and bring all manner of bad thoughts, old thoughts, old ideas, that from this moment you go new in God going forward.

In the name of Jesus, there is no shame in any of the things that you have made choices in the past. Put that shame behind you. Don’t let the devil come and lie to you. Put anything, performance things, condemnation things, words, arguments, fights, strife, jealousies, envies, all manner of things, put it behind you in Jesus’ name. Do not let it be and continue to be part of your life.