Abundant Harvest Revealed (Part 2) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Matthew 16:17-18 (NKJV)

If something is not revealed to you, then it is always hidden from you and it doesn’t matter that it exists, if it is not revealed, it will always remain hidden.

You need to be in a place where you believe that God is going to reveal things to you.

When Christ was revealed, Peter spoke out of his spirit, then Jesus connected His revelation to Peter’s revelation and said, “Who I am, that has been revealed to you, is what My church will be built on.”

This is often the way it works:

When God reveals something to one, there is another who is involved in the revelation (that gets the revelation, whose eyes open to another thing) and the agreement of the revelation speaks to the future (creates the future). 

We often forget about everything that God has given us through Abraham.   

20By an act of faith, Isaac reached into the future as he blessed Jacob and Esau. (Hebrews 11:17-20 MSG). 

God is a God that lives with us every day, but He is also a God that speaks way into the future. Everything that God does, including Isaac on the altar, was to prophecy that Jesus would be His seed. By faith, Abraham received Isaac back from the dead because in his heart he had been ready to kill him because God required it. (Fake sacrifices don’t work with God because He checks the heart).

We live in a very narrow band of time in history. By large the world has not been at war for 70 years. Previous generations lived hard (conditions and the environment); they worked with their hands; they lived with war. Even the poor people have got it better today. We live in an amazing world of massive technological and infrastructural advancement.  Because of technology, it is at times more important for us to be with-it than it is to be in Him.  

We have stepped into an age of entitlement that we think that what we do for ourselves, belongs to ourselves and we must create our empires for ourselves; we must create our future for ourselves. Everything is about ourselves, to ourselves, for ourselves, with ourselves.

The church has become a very entitled church in the modern day world – that even the church must serve me, and not me serve the church – church has been what I get out of it.

It’s about time that the church becomes Jesus on the earth, not what you think Jesus should be to you. Jesus has become everything to you that He has already going to become to you. Now it’s about the church becoming a powerful reflection of what Jesus paid for. In the same way that Isaac was a reflection for Jesus’ death and resurrection to come, so our lives should be a reflection of Jesus’ death and resurrection and that means we live in power.

Colossians 1:18 (NKJV)

That in all things He may have pre-eminence.

The death and resurrection of Jesus and His revelation to us of who He is, has transferred us from a house where there is darkness and chaos, disorder, poverty and disease and He has transferred us into a house where there is light, life, abundance, health, good things.

Jesus was born again from separation to complete power and restoration.

By believing in Him you can have the same privilege, because if He is the firstborn then we are the second born – then we have a right and a privilege to be in Him.

Our living should not be a life of entitlement, our living should be a life of: 

“We are the church”.  

If the Father says He is going to fill all things, everywhere with God’s presence and with God; how is He going to do it? Second born.

The longer you put the decision off, the more you are likely to have no revelation. The more you have no revelation, you have all this amazing stuff around you, and you can’t even see it, because in your choices you are just walking around in darkness (you are going back to the poverty, nothing, disease, lifestyle).

Come on, 

  • let’s walk in the light, 
  • let’s walk in the fullness of God, 
  • let’s walk in the blessing of God, 
  • let’s be powerful, 
  • let’s be the standard. 

The whole earth is groaning and waiting for the church to become the standard.

I celebrate Easter because the death and the resurrection of Jesus is so that I can walk with power, authority, I can demonstrate His life, I can speak to things in the world, I can speak to situations in the world and I can command them to come into order.