Abundant Harvest Revealed (Part 1) – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

We, the church win: (Matthew 16:17-18 Amp), We, the church, we win. We are not struggling to hold on, we win. We are not strugglers. We are not hoping to make it; we are the standard that the enemy of God cannot defeat. We are the standard that cannot be defeated. There are many things in this world that can be used as a tool for the ruler of darkness but we are not one of them, we are the standard that defeats him. This is good news.

Exercise of faith: Unless something is revealed to me it will remain hidden to me. I exercise my faith and believe You, God, for things to be revealed to me in the spirit so that I can act upon them. Because if I don’t have a revelation or if I don’t have it revealed to me I can’t do anything about it even though it is close to me. 

Legacy: “And I thought never mind one preacher but two (Brother Kenneth Copeland and Brother Jerry Savelle), never mind two preachers but two that are still friends after 50 years of being in partnership together. Never mind that, they also have such great honour and respect for each another after 50 years that they are, their families partnered together in ministry. Listen I don’t care about anybody else but if we don’t have any other legacy to follow this is the only one – it’s enough. This is high-quality stuff. The highest order. I really don’t know of any other ministries or ministry association or, in our modern-day world any way that has this kind of thing that can be celebrated. It’s a beautiful thing”.

Revelations in heaven:What if there are revelations, what if there are revelations that have yet to be imparted to us as human beings that are waiting for us in heaven. But they cannot and have not yet been revealed, because we are not ready yet to receive them. What person or what ministry or what body must there be for people to actually receive revelation like that? Well, don’t you want to press to be that person?” “…I want to be pressing into God for Him to and others to call me blessed. Because He’s chosen to reveal things to me and reveal Himself to me. Amen”.

Bear fruit: (John 15:1-6 AMPC), If I don’t abide then I don’t bear fruit. If I think “my life is alright, I’m living life, I’ve got lots of stuff going on, I’ve got houses, money, activities, lots of action”, that doesn’t mean I’m bearing fruit. Material possessions do not prove that I am spiritual. But, if those things come to me through the Spirit, then I’m spiritual. The Bible says that not only do I enjoy the fruit of them on this earth, but I will actually give them into the hands of the Lord who becomes my Trustee. He becomes the Custodian of my wealth which I can store up in heaven, where no thief can go in there and break in and steal it. It cannot be corrupted. It is in the custody of God eternally if I abide in Him. If I don’t abide in Him and dwell in Him, my fruitfulness will wither and my life of productivity will become as though it never existed because it will be just burned up by the heat of life.

Life abundantly: The Word says that Jesus has come to give us life and life abundantly. He has not come to give me an average life, a life that is just hanging on and just trying to make it to get through. You’ve come to give me life abundantly. (John 15:7, AMPC). I can ask whatever I will because if I’m abiding, then I’m bearing. When I’m bearing, I’m abiding. When I’m abiding, I can ask whatever I want, because what I’m wanting is what I want to bear. I want to be more fruitful, more productive, more abundant because there’s a great joy in that. When I’m abiding, I will ask in line with what the Father wants me to ask.

50th year – Brother Copeland and Brother Jerry ministering together: “God told Brother Jerry to go back to the beginning – to his roots. Brother Jerry’s going to serve Brother Copeland by bringing his supply of the Spirit. He’s bringing his prayer life and he is bringing 50 years of relationship and spiritual covenant with him. One will put a thousand to flight, two will bring two thousand to flight, he brings that with him”. 

Liability not an asset”: “So, I think I am quite important to Brother Jerry. Don’t you think? My importance means nothing when he’s busy following God to serve his father. In fact, my importance becomes a distraction to him. Because if I demand that he must show me how important I am when God has instructed him to serve his Father then I become a liability, not an asset”.

Fruit speaks: (John 15:5-8), If I am vitally connected to You I will produce. My intimate relationship with You, that is organic, produces genuine true fruit in life that no one can dispute. It doesn’t matter what is said about me, or how people persecute me, the fruit is something that they can’t speak against. The fruit speaks for itself. I’m intimately, organically connected with Jesus.

Faith: Abundant Harvest – Brother Copeland’s word and Brother Jerry’s prophetic Word is that this will be the Year of Marvels and Wonders and Extraordinary manifestation of the greatness of God. My faith is out there to see all of that come to pass, for us and for myself. 

Servant heart: Brother Jerry said, “Brother Copeland treats me as his equal but I will always be his servant”. That is a powerful attitude of heart. You cannot dissuade anybody if they have a servant’s heart. If Jerry insisted on being Brother Copeland’s equal because ‘I’ve been in the ministry for 30, 40, 50 years, therefore, you know, at least I’m equal to Brother Copeland’. Well, then there are a lot of things that the enemy can get right. But if you insist on being a servant no matter where God places you, then there is nothing that he can bring against you”.

I, too, insist on being a servant no matter where God places me.

Get ready: “There is a lot of good things coming our way and you need to just get ready for it. There’s a lot of good things coming our way. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Because we asked for that. If we are connected and we just abide in Him and have an intimate organic relationship with Him, it’s a wonderful thing”. 

Prayer for the week: The peace of God is upon me, Your blessing rests upon me, no weapon formed against me will prosper, and I pray that the weeks ahead, if I’m going away, that Your protection and Your angels are surrounding me and I pray that I’m blessed going out and blessed coming in and I thank You, Father, that there will be a greater level of intimacy between You and me from this day onwards in Jesus name. Amen.