Abundant Harvest: God Unfiltered (Part 3) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

I am a messenger, God’s gift to you. It is the gift and His Word that becomes the message that changes you (when you receive it by faith and believe that it will change you). 

What do you think stands in your way between what God’s got for you and where you are now?

Is it not your emotions? Is it not the way you think about things and the way you see things?

The more you share your emotions and who you are deep inside, the more vulnerable you are to being hurt. If you permit yourself to be impacted by other people’s words, emotions & experiences a filtration system happens that becomes part of your thought process and it starts to impact your desire and ability to become vulnerable. Then you hold back because you’re afraid (you don’t want to get hurt like other people get hurt) and you’re not giving God a chance.  

God says, “If you take My Word, and you take who you are and you put it on the foundation of My Word you can trust what happens with who you are.” Then it is not just a human experience; it’s a human experience that is based on the divine foundation of God’s love. 

You can trust the Divine Word to do something in your life (health, finances, relationship etc.)  Your desire to have something from God in your world can be so deep and so powerful that when other people come with their words and their belief systems (based on experiences, based on intellect, based on education) you can say, “I don’t want to hear what you have to say. I’ve got to do what God tells me to do.” Doubt and unbelief happen when your mind and/or life’s experiences come in the way and tells you it is not possible.

When you encounter the glory of God – it fundamentally changes you.

The best thing I can do for you, to change your belief, is to pray God’s Word over you:

Ps John prayed – Ephesians 1:17-23 from both the Message & Passion Translations.

Ps John’s  personal prayer for the people: 

“Lord, show them the glory of who You are.  Make Yourself known to them in the deepness and the wonderness of Your presence. I pray, Father, that Your people will have a deep desire and a hunger for You.  A desire and a hunger, Father that would cause them to believe and not to doubt – because everything is in You. I ask You to help them to believe. I’m asking you that this message will cause doubt and mental anguish and desires for the things of this world to grow dim in the eyes of Your people and that You will grow bigger and bigger and they will see You more and more. 

I’m asking you, Lord, that one by one these filters will start to be removed out of their lives, it will come out of their emotions, their thinking, their soul and their experience base – and it will be replaced by a deep inner belief in the power of God (The power of Your life force that is living in them, making everything come to Your certain good).

I ask You that your people will not follow their own purposes, but they will understand and they will get a desire to follow Your purpose because as they follow Your purpose, You turn everything to their certain good.

I pray that You will touch their minds supernaturally that they will begin to believe with the new creation (the Christ being) that is in them. Who has all the power to remove all of their filters, all of those barriers, all of those things that are stopping them from putting all of their faith in You, all of their belief out there, to move mountains because they believe.

I pray that today becomes a turning point, a change day, a new day that the new creature that is inside of them rises up and becomes full of boundless energy and limitless power. 

I pray that You will wash their minds with this Word and with these prayers today (Ephesians 1:17-23). You will cleanse them and they will become everything that You expect them to become, that you paid the ultimate price that they should become.

I pray that they will pursue the presence of the Lord. They will enjoy intimate fellowship with You. They will draw near to You, and not draw back from You.   

I declare that every person’s soul will be a God seeking soul – a soul that desires the authority of God’s Word as the foundation of their life, not the authority of men’s words.

I thank You, Father, that Your people will continue steadfastly. Your people will continue day in and day out to speak words that are from You and not words that are from their/other people’s words, emotions or experiences.

God wants each and every one of His children to have an abundance in their environment that is beyond their wildest dreams and imaginations, above their circumstances.  He wants you not to live day to day, but for your need to be met (through faith) – then you can meet the need of others and become the power of God to them. The power of love is love demonstrated.

Today you can be free of fear and failure and all of the collapse of your emotional strength.

Believe that Jesus is here, the Holy Spirit is here.

Take your healing, take your restoration, receive it now, in Jesus Name.

Say, “I believe it and I receive it. My emotions are whole and redeemed, in Jesus Name.”

If you need financial miracles and need financial healing in your life, you got to speak words of financial prosperity. Don’t speak what you see (lack), speak what God says (abundance).

That’s the Christ kind of life.

You will experience emotional and life circumstantial pressure, but you can filter it with the Word of God every time.  You can do the Word! (and not the pressure or the emotion).

You don’t have to give in to all that stuff that comes into your head.

The Holy Spirit and Jesus will never violate and push you around with, “Come on, get with the Word, get into God’s things. Come on, get into the Word.” Other people come and do that to you and bring emotional disorder (when you are pushed around and start to get bruises and start to feel violated). The devil doesn’t want you to achieve your future and he is going to try and violate the terms of God’s order in your life. He’ll intrude into your space with all kinds of different things, he’ll push you around with fear, with doubt and he’ll bring shame. Don’t let him! 

Say, I’m going to walk into my future. Devil, you are not going to stop me, in Jesus Name. The Word says, the Bible says …. 

You get behind me Satan. I have the Word of God in my mouth.