Abundant Harvest: God Unfiltered (Part 2) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

How would you come into a service if Jesus was standing here and He was personally present?

What is it that you would come and ask of Him (receive from Him)?

I wonder if you would bring your intellect along.

I think you would be completely, transparently open, ready to receive whatever He says.

Wouldn’t you?

I am not Jesus; I don’t measure up to Him.

To the measure I am not Jesus, is the measure you bring your intellect to the church.

You come to church with this attitude, “Let me see what I can get today”. You begin to filter what I say because you don’t want to believe that what I am speaking is coming from God to you. You may think, “Some of this message is relevant, but I will choose what part I want”.

Actually, Jesus is here; Holy Spirit is here. Take your intellect and shove it and say, “I am ready Jesus, give me whatever it is. I bring my heart to You, I bring my life to You, I bring my all to You and I bring it before You and I am ready to receive from You.”

God has the ability, by the Holy Spirit, to reach into your life and to do multiple things of restoration and redemption all at the same time.

The Lord said to me, “There is going to be a flow of anointing of the gifts of the Spirit in the service today. People are going to encounter the power of the Person of the Holy Spirit, Who represents Jesus because Jesus has come as the Healing, Restoring, Redeeming, Saviour, today.”

What do you come with? What do you want Him to do for you?

I am pressing into the Lord, for a complete reconditioning of my body, so that it’s like it was when it was new.

I want you to reach out your faith that Jesus is here today; He is here to heal you today and recondition you today. By His stripes we were healed – then we are healed.

There is nothing stopping us from living the highest form of life physically if we will receive something of Jesus today. It’s time to get up to a higher life. Let’s press into Jesus this morning. He is here. The gifts of the Holy Spirit is here. I am just the messenger, remember. You can filter me as much as you like, but Jesus is here – don’t filter Him.

You need to understand that Jesus lives in you. If Jesus is living in you then you are an instrument of His hands. Touch the person next to you.

Father, here is Your body. They are all acting as the hands of Jesus. Now, I declare that the healing power of God flows, it touches your people, right now.

From Mark 4:11 (TPT) it is clear that we have the privilege of intimately knowing the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

Who are you? Isaiah 53:1-12 (MSG)

You are righteous (because in Him you become righteous). You have right standing before Him. He Himself carried the burdens of your sins (present, past, future).

What is a burden of sin?  It’s guilt, it’s shame and it is all the negative effects of sin.

This morning the Lord started a reconditioning process with us. He is going to undo all of the effects of the past so that we can walk into our future with strength. Jesus is here and He took care of everything that happened in the past. He took all that burden, everything that you need to be whole – to go forward.

He wants you to come to Him every day and say, “Thank You. This is my moment; I give You the first of my day”. Spend time with God in the morning. Don’t call it a quiet time, make it a loud one. Don’t kneel at your bed, walk around your kitchen and say, “Thank You, Jesus, thank You, Jesus. Thank You for reconditioning my body. Thank You for reconditioning my finances. Thank You for reconditioning my relationships. Thank You for doing things for me where Your Holy Spirit and all the power of God is coming into my life; full force. Unfiltered God in my life.”

It is harvest time!  (Isaiah 53:11-12 MSG).

He died for the white sheep and the black sheep.

Luke 4:14-29 (NKJV)

When this message of Good News comes to you, don’t try and destroy the message of the Good News with your intellect and your own passions for your life. 

30Then passing through the midst of them, He went His way (Luke 4:30 NKJV).

It doesn’t matter how big the problem looks to you – God still got you covered.

Isn’t this good news today? Jesus is with you.

Why don’t you say that with me? Jesus is with me.

Be disciplined with one thing out of your mouth; Jesus is with me.

If you can’t say anything good, then say nothing and let it be a reminder to you, you must say something good. Speak more Scriptures.

I pray, Father, that Your Word will not return to You void, that it will become fruitful seeds in the hearts of Your people. I thank You, Lord, that this week a great peace comes upon your people, that a great joy bubbles up in their spirit, a great appreciation that; Jesus is with me.

I pray this is a revelation that they will live in the whole week, this week. And that You will do mighty wonders in Your Name, in their bodies, in their lives, in their relationships, in their finances. It is time for harvest, in Jesus Name.