Abundant Harvest: God Unfiltered (Part 1) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Whatever happens to you in life – you had to make a choice first.

People make choices that lead to favourable circumstances (either immediate or in future).

For example, with an endurance athlete/resistance exercises, pain is felt in the short term, but the holistic experience for life is very favourable. 

Choice is what separates people from the experience.

Choices become a lifetime of priorities (decisions made on how to spend your energy).

Why is it that many of us don’t do exercise?

We have filtered medically proven facts through our priority system in our lives.

The Holy Spirit, who represents Jesus living inside of us, knows everything about everything. The choice is yours whether you want to know what He knows or whether you prefer to hear what someone else hears or what someone else knows.

I want God unfiltered in my life.

I don’t want to filter God to fit what I want Him to do for me. If I filter God through what I want, then I’m only going to hear what He has to say to me based on my filters. What I need is:

I need God speaking to me with what He’s got so that I can know what He knows.

Abundant harvest is not just about money. 

It’s about a principle of how you have God revealing Himself to you.

Your faith level is dependent on your choice. If you don’t have faith yet, that’s your choice (because faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God). 

When you make a choice that says, “I want to have increased faith” then you say, “I’m making a priority decision to filter out other issues in my life and I’m going to give my time to things that are going to increase my faith. I’ve got to give time to the Word of God. The more of God’s words I hear, the more my faith will increase”. 

You first have to choose.  It’s a matter of priority in your life.  (What’s more real, convenient, favourable, comfortable for you right now).  

Most Christians have the same kind of challenges with their faith that people have with going to the gym.  They evaluate the value; they quit before they even start; their logic pattern helps them to “not do it”; they’re not used to breaking through the barriers; they say, “Tomorrow” or “It’s way too hard” or “I don’t see the difference” (or whatever excuse). 

If you want to have faith that makes a difference in your harvest then you’ve got to keep making faith choices to exercise and get faith into your spirit man so that when you need the harvest, that faith has grown up and faith has become something of value to you. If you decide that you need faith to make everything in your life happen spiritually, then you have got to make choices that are going to make your faith grow.

There is only one thing that you got to do:

  • make a choice! (to take the Word, listen to it, let it get inside of you and speak it out).

When you are spending time with Jesus, you get all the benefits of the time that you spend with Him – whatever He’s got, whatever He is – can become yours. 

You can’t have an abundant harvest if you don’t have faith. You have an abundant harvest (in relationship/physical conditioning/finance) – based on faith. 

The difference between people that exercise and people that don’t exercise: People that exercise, have broken the barriers of understanding the value of what physical exercise does on an ongoing basis. They know what job it does so they keep doing it.  That’s the difference between somebody who knows how to live in faith and continues to live in faith because they’ve learned by faith for so long that they know what faith can do.


There is no perfect partner. There is a perfect God who works in your relationship that can perfect the partnership. If you want to have an abundant harvest that is about relationships; what you’ve got to do is listen to what the Bible says about relationships. (For example – do not let strife into your marriage). Take the Word, let that Word work in your heart; then faith comes for relationships. When you let the Word of God flow between the two of you, you will begin to find Jesus stronger in you and you will become more like Jesus to each other.


Tithing is about honour – honouring God in your life; giving Him recognition; allowing faith to bring in the harvest of your honour. If you can’t honour God with the most important thing in your life which is your energy (which converts to money) then you’re not going to honour God with your energy and other stuff in life.

If you want all the financial benefits in the blessing of tithing and sowing and reaping, go back to: The sower sows the Word:  Mark 4:13-20 (Passion Translation).

When you sow the seed of the Word into a well-prepared heart, then the Word starts to grow, faith starts to grow and when it is full grown, you reap thirty fold, sixty fold, hundredfold return on the Word. You don’t have to understand it, it just does. If you try to understand it, it won’t work, because now you try to bring logic to it. You have to believe it – it is a choice.

When somebody is really buffed (big & strong) you immediately observe the effort that they have put into pain. When you are ‘buffed in faith’ (you have the Word/Jesus/angels/Holy Ghost) and you walk out in the spirit realm it is like, “Bring it, I can handle it”. 

If you’ve got no Word; you got no fruit to do that.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that I go from strength to strength to strength and I become more abundant in my harvest. I will bear thirty, sixty, hundredfold return. If I’ve been bearing thirtyfold, I thank You that I will bear sixty. If I have been bearing sixty, I will move to a hundred. I thank you that the Word of God will produce this harvest in me and that in the natural I will see the results of that harvest, because of the Word that is in me. 

Say, “Peace is my portion; I live with great peace, in Jesus Name. Amen.”