Abundant Harvest: God Unfiltered (Part 1) – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Revealed – relationship changes: (Matthew 16:16 NKJV), Flesh and blood could not reveal this revelation of who Christ was to Peter, only the Father in heaven could reveal it to him. Like Paul, suddenly what’s always been around me, that I couldn’t see, now I can see it and my relationship to what I see changes. 

Advantages: I have Jesus. The first important advantage is I need to have a revelation that Jesus in me is more powerful than anything that can come against me. And anything that I can face in my life, Jesus is more powerful than that, in me, not just in Pastor John, in me. 

Example 1 of Abundant life – Marriage: Like Pastor John and Pastor Sharon I’m pressing into Jesus and the Word of God. When I talk to my spouse, I come with the force of life that is in Christ that I bring to them. I have a deep respect and a deep understanding that I recognise in my spouse. Like Pastor John, if I didn’t have good role models, I press into the Word of God to find out what the Bible says about relationships. I love my spouse and I don’t let strife into our relationship. The Bible says, “where strife is, all manner of evil abounds” (James 3:16). I make a conscious decision, I don’t want evil in my marriage, I want God in my marriage. I’m not going to get into strife. When we have a difference of agreement, I don’t say anything, I be quiet. It saves us from having to redeem and restore those things in our relationship. My spouse and I start to live on a much higher level of ‘life joy’. We are continuously and steadily making progress in our marriage relationship so that where we find ourselves later in our lives is at a high level of ‘life joy.’ My ‘life joy’ is in Jesus and in enjoying Jesus in my partner.

Work through failure point:You get to be that size (referring to bodybuilding) because you work the muscle through failure point. This is as broken as it can get right now”. This is the same thing that I need to have, I’ve got to break myself out of myself, let Christ come into me. When I break myself down, He rebuilds me with Himself. Then I don’t have a situation where my “muscle” or my life is destroyed. It is broken down to be rebuilt. I never get weaker when I get more into Jesus. I only get stronger. The self-man gets weaker but the spirit-man, the Jesus man, the God-man, the Christ, the Son of the Living God gets more revealed to me.

Christ in me: I want to be in a position spiritually where I walk around and whenever I have a life-confrontation on relationships, money, any kind of emotional issue, the Christ in me, that is much bigger than any other thing that can come against me, rises up and says, “Bring It! I have equal to it and I overcome it.” Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. If I’m looking for an abundant harvest, I’ve got to get the Greater One in me. 

Faith: I don’t fight the devil with my head and soul knowledge. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, then He reveals it and the power of it to me. I have got to let the greater force rise up inside me, when I face another force that is trying to come up against me, I know that the force I have allowed to grow up in me is greater than the force that is coming against me.

Temptation: I can’t fight temptation on my own. The demons have learnt about the desires of men, how to tempt men and make them feel like, “I’m doing the God-thing here”. My power base is coming from daily abiding in the Word. My life force doesn’t happen from what I know. 

Spirit life my default: I do not want to be reacting to my soul power; my emotional power; my knowledge base that I have. I want spirit life to be my default because that is where I can take on any power that comes my way. If I have got the Word of God in me, I can be equal to it. When the enemy tries to push my human button, my emotions, then Jesus Christ comes out. Jesus gets spoken, Jesus begins to demonstrate through me.

Change my world: Like Pastor Larry, God gives Pastor John a revelation and when this revelation is expressed through this messenger, I hear it, take it and begin to feed on it and as I began to feed on it, it begins to grow up in me. As it grows up in me I begin to use it and the power of it begins to change the world that I am operating in. It changes my world. It changed my relationships.

Privilege of knowing: (Mark 4:11 – 15, The Passion Translation), When persecution comes. The devil wants to stop the Word of God from growing in me because I become a threat. I become a powerful being that can not only match what he’s got to throw, but I become somebody that can defeat him. I can be more effective, more efficient and I can match his strength but I’ve got to be willing to keep putting the Word into my spirit man. If I allow the seduction of wealth and the desire of other things to crowd out and choke the Word, it will produce nothing in me or in my life.

Example 2 Abundant Life – money: God ‘unfiltered’ in my finances. God unfiltered in my business and God unfiltered in relationships. That’s how Faith works, my habit is honouring God. I give Him my honour of my ten percent. I give Him the honour with my words – You are my God, everything about You is the way I want to live, Your ways are my ways. I put You first – I put You first in my marriage, in my life, in everything I do, I put Your Word first in the day, in my mouth, I eat, speak and live Your words. I am a Word-based person. I live according to Your words. When the “leopard comes out of the bush to beat me, I morph into a lion and I eat him for breakfast”. 

Abundant harvest comes: The Abundant Harvest comes through God unfiltered. “Some yield a harvest of thirty, some sixty and one hundred times more than has been sown”. When the Word is in me and coming out me, the Word is creating opportunities. It’s based on the Word that grows up in me. When I sow my seed and I honour God with my finances, the Word is creating opportunities, things for me that I can’t see that are hidden from me. Then one day, God reveals them to me. The Lord’s been taking care of it for me all this time and the rest of the world can’t see, they don’t understand and God trusts me with it. This opportunity, business deal, this money, it’s based on the word. It’s not based on what I know; it’s based on what the Word says. If I chase one deal like that and it doesn’t happen? It doesn’t change the power of the Word. It just means that the thirty fold, sixty fold, hundredfold, hasn’t quite got there yet. I Don’t quit. One day the Word of God is going to change it all. Which day? When I need it, when I’m ready for it, it’s going to change it.