Abundant Harvest: A Pattern of Harvest Redeemed – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture References: Ephesians 5:14-21 (AMPC); Luke 1:5-19, 21-25 (AMPC)

Touch Jesus in me: I have the same mindset as Pastor John as I go about life and about my day – I allow the people in my workspace, my family and friends to touch the Jesus in me. The more they touch the human person, the less value I am to them. Because anybody can touch somebodies human self, that’s not a difficult thing to do. But if they touch the Jesus in me, then it becomes a real and a meaningful experience. Jesus is real and the life that He lives in me is the most real thing that anybody can ever experience. There’s nothing more real than the life of Jesus. 

Transportation: Like Pastor John, God knows how to bless me with the kind of quality I want to drive, in the way that it doesn’t cost a fortune. But if it does cost a fortune, God can pay for it too. “From aviation and transportation, that’s where I have been striking the ground. And my new car is coming, don’t you worry, don’t you worry”. Now when I walk past Pastor John’s S Class, Mercedes Benz, I say, “Lord, thank You for the new one that’s coming.”

Faith attracts: People can say a lot of things but they can’t stop my faith from working. And faith will attract the things that God wants me to have, my faith can get it.

People that work for me: Like Pastor John I pray over the people that work for me, I pray that they are anointed and blessed, that they have creative ideas and God anoints the work of their hands, that they can do more than their natural ability, their natural gifting and intelligence can do. I pray over them and it happens.

Church – me: “So if you talk about the Church, then He’s talking about you”. God wants me to be in a place where I walk in the authority of God and in the life of God on the Earth. No one can find out about Jesus or know about Jesus unless I become the messenger of Jesus through the way I live or the words I speak. I need to speak words that are demonstrating Jesus and live a life that demonstrates who Jesus is. It’s what I’m called to do, what I need to do. I get the most satisfaction out of life when I allow the life of God to impact me and for what’s inside me then to impact my world.

Blue print to live every day: Ephesians 5:14-21 AMPC, I do not live as a worldly wise, worldly intelligent person. This is about ‘God-intelligence’. My mental intelligence is tapping into God’s intelligence. The greatest thing that I can do in my life, is to understand what the will of the Lord is for me and to live in that.

Join hands and walk together: “We’ve got to join hands to walk together in the Spirit. And if you choose not to walk in the Spirit with us, and be spiritual, you are by default choosing – you don’t want this lineage. You don’t want this heritage. You don’t want what this requires of us. This work that God has called us to, this is not an ordinary work”. “But the fact of the matter is, is that if you don’t choose God, and this, then by default you’re choosing, “I don’t want it”.

Reason: Luke 1:13-19, How am I going to know this is possible? You would say but that’s a fair question. No, it’s not. You’re from the priests of Levi. You should be immediately accepting what God says”. If I’m standing before God and I enter into the realm of reason, He has to take action because I have to receive what He says by faith, not by reason. It doesn’t matter if I’m upright before God or actually living for God, I still have to make a choice to receive what He says by faith. I can’t afford to be in my head when God is speaking. I’ve got to be in faith because faith is what is going to get what God is speaking to me. The only way I can live in change and go to different places is by faith, not by what is in my head.

Time has come: “When God intervenes and God wants the thing done, He is going to get it done and if He is going to move you out of the way, shut your mouth, do whatever, He is going to get it done”. “I know by the Holy Spirit, God is going to do through us what He needs to do through us and it almost doesn’t matter what we do because the time has come for us. We have all prayed, we have all done what we needed to do to get here and now it is God’s time”.

Receive the future by faith: I’ve been “burning incense” morning and night all of my life, I’ve been upright before God, I’ve been doing the things of God, now I must receive the future by faith. I can’t speak with my reason against the future. This future is happening. Like Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, I do not say what my humanity wants me to say, “I can’t answer you, I have to be quiet”. “I am not prepared to speak what I am feeling”. I’m not interested in my humanity, the ‘spiritual me’ has to speak up and if I can’t speak what God needs me to speak, then I practice being quiet.

Harvest time: Like Pastor John, I’m not giving the devil any place, anywhere, on anything. This is God’s moment to do, take the barren and make me fruitful and it doesn’t matter how many barren years I’ve had. “God is redeeming the time right now and it is harvest time right now and if you will get in line with what God is declaring and what God is saying, the harvest is yours. The redeeming of all of your purpose. It’s yours. It’s all yours. You can have it right now”. This is the time for harvests. This is time for redemption, this is time for new stuff, this is not business as usual.

It’s my business: “I am strongly under the influence of the Holy Spirit here tonight. And, this is up to you. This is your business now. It’s your business: What you have heard, is now your business. If you will live by faith, you will receive turnaround from barrenness and you will receive divine productivity. If you will receive this, not only will God redeem your time, He will redeem everything about your life. And He will, He will cause you to have productivity. Let me tell you, you don’t need 40 years, 50 years, 60 years of life to be productive for God. You could do one thing for God in your whole life and it could be the most significant thing”.

 Significant thing is still coming: “So, we’ve been doing this with God for a long time, us. And what we’ve been doing is not the significant thing. The significant thing is still coming. We are giving birth to something. I don’t know what it is yet, but it is ‘a John’. It is ‘a John’. And that’s not just my name. It is ‘a John’”.

 Struggling – pray in the spirit:As I was praying there, I want to tell you, that if you are struggling with anything in your life, and even if you are struggling to make a decision, you understand what I’m saying? And like there’s a pattern of you being undecided about whether you are serving God or whatever you’re doing, I want to say to you, just, if you’re a Christian and you’ve got ‘stuff’ in your life, pray in the Spirit. I’ll tell you what, it will ignite you and fire you, you will overcome patterns that you have struggled with for a long time, you will overcome it. Because the Holy Spirit will burn it out of you. Your desires will change. Your desires will change”.