Abundant Harvest: A Faithful Messenger Part 3 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

There is a time for everything and there is a time right now for harvest.  In your life with God, you can have a season of planting, ploughing and harvesting all at the same time (if your faith has taken you there). Redeem the time, make the most of every opportunity (Colossians 4:5-6 MSG).  

Romans 6:3-11, 22-23 (NKJV)

If you die with Christ and identify with that, then you are raised in resurrection life (which is to glory). From that moment onwards your life is in Him and about Him (not about others nor about you).  You are then no longer a slave to your sin (your own desires, own nature, own things) you become a slave to God (God-conscious not sin-conscious). 

Sin is not about an evil deed; sin is a twisted way (a-not-God-way). If you willingly make yourself a slave to God, that becomes your abundance in life. As you go about your life and are faced with a carnal, human nature that wants to please yourself say, “No, I am not here to please myself, because I died to that self. I am a slave to God. God, what do You want me to do?” That decision becomes your fruit of your holiness – that makes you eternally fruitful.

Romans 8:5-7 (NKJV)

Not acknowledging God in your life is a twisted way. If you are in a self-worship lifestyle making decisions for yourself without God involved, you are at enmity with God. 

We sometimes have a tendency to want to live for ourselves, by ourselves, with ourselves, to ourselves and not to the glory of God. The natural, easy thing for you, is to keep making decisions and living in your death status, not in your glorified status.  Many of us have trained ourselves to get information and knowledge from the world and want to apply those success principles to our lives.  

Romans 12:2 says, Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. The world says, “You must work harder, better, smarter than anybody else”. God says, “If you do it My way, I can do things for you that no man can do for you and not even your hard work can do for you, because you have chosen to not only identify with My death, but My resurrection.” That means you have a newness of life in Christ Jesus, a life in abundance and peace that no money can pay for

Romans 8:9-13 (NKJV, MSG)

If you dwell in the Spirit of God and dwell in His Word (and you’re putting your foot in the Message), then you identify with His resurrection. Your nature that is living inside of you wants to live and breathe God. You have to make an absolute decision to live for yourself. God is saying to you, “Don’t choose it, let the living, breathing Spirit of Christ that is dwelling in you, let Him free in you and you will have life abundantly.” You can have the life of Christ dwelling in your body to such an extent that your body can be virtually free of sin while you are in your body.

You don’t have to live the limited life that you touch in the world around, you can live without limitation. The fullness of God living inside of you through Christ, will lead you into a lifestyle way past the limits of this earth and you can find yourself experiencing God in ways that are almost impossible to imagine. 

The life of Christ that’s inside of you, will cause you to live in spaces that men cannot occupy.  The limits of life around you cannot suppress the life of Christ that is in you. Even though you might touch this world system that is working around you, you don’t owe it your energy to get a salary or an income from. The Bible says you’ve got to work to earn money, but your working to earn money is not the value of your work. Your income that comes from your worship while you’re working is redeemed because you have died with Christ and you’re resurrected with Him and now your energy is redeemed. 

Say, “God, I don’t owe life one cent. This money that I’ve earned I’m giving it into Your hands. My first thing is to tithe on it. I’m redeeming my time. My tithe and my faith will bring me to better jobs with better money to other people, where I am no longer living in this bind-me-by-my-life-energy-time. I’m living in Your energy time.  I’m working on this earth in resurrected life – everything I do with my work is my worship. My treasure is in the resurrected life in Heaven. I’m not just working to make money on the earth, I’m working to take this money and transfer it into faith- and glory-energy that gets stored in my Heavenly bank account in Heaven. So that when I get there, You will say, “That honour you gave Me, that worship you gave Me with your work, it’s worth a hundred times.”

Bury that old man that’s living for itself, by itself, to itself, with itself. 

God says, “Come live with Me in resurrected life. Give Me your life. Let My life breathe and live in you, then everything you do has eternal value. And what’s more, is while you’re on the earth I’m going to promote you anyway. But it now becomes about us not about you.” You’ve already died, so the worse that can happen to you is people can challenge you for your faith and who you are. Ps John is living evidence that you can get a promotion in the corporate world because God gives it to you not because you’re the most qualified.

1 Corinthians 15:58 (NLT). If you do it for yourself, it’s useless. If you do it for the Lord, it’s useful. If you live and breathe Christ then you’ve got good things coming to you and no-one can stop it (just like Joseph: from slave, to prison, to second in charge).

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing (rebooting, working, personal time) if you’ve got the Blood of Jesus on it, it shouts to the whole universe – REDEEMED!  

Say, “I am redeemed. Everything that I do (my time, my energy, my money), even my mistakes if I present them to God and I say, “I repent”, He says, “I will redeem that time.”

God is about to redeem your time and your energy. He is in the process of bringing an abundant harvest to you beyond what you can ask or think or imagine. You have to live and breathe Him. Let that old man die. You’ve got to start thinking like God. Go out there and say, “I am redeemed, I am redeemed from myself, I am redeemed from my work that is value-based work, I am redeemed from everything that is in this natural world, I am redeemed into the life of God, I am redeemed into everything He has got for me. God, I repent from all the years I did not use my faith. I am doing it now and I am asking You to redeem my whole life, because of the faith that I live in now.” 

Let God be God. Don’t worry about how long it is going to take, keep your faith on. When it happens in the moment you say, “Thank God it happened.”   Hold on! Jesus is here, the Holy Ghost is here and the Father is upon you. He is living with you. He is waiting to redeem everything that is yours. 

Choose any place, anytime, anywhere and find something to thank the Lord for. Get a Scripture in your mouth and quote that Scripture for the whole day. Watch God redeem stuff. 

Say “ (………) is now my portion in the redeemed. I live in God’s peace and knowing of Who He is in my life. I identify with His resurrection life; I am no longer living as a dead zombie”.