Abundant Harvest: A Faithful Messenger Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture References: Proverbs 25:13 TPT; Job 1:6-12 NLT; John 10:9-10, TPT; Ephesians 5:14-19, AMPC 

Missions – Sid, Pat, Otto and Tina: I keep them in mind and I keep them in prayer.

Invite: “I’m going to invite you to a worship day”. “And then we’re going to have a day where I’m going to invite you and we’re going to do our first broadcast recording, which will allow us to put a number of sessions on TV and I’m wanting it to be so that you’re all involved. Will you come?” 

Harvest: Proverbs 25:13 (TPT), It is harvest time and I may not feel like it’s harvest time, but if I keep talking ‘harvest time’, the harvest will come. I cannot speak what I see, I speak what God is preparing for me. I cannot speak what I can touch, because what’s happening in the spirit realm from a harvest point of view, is supernatural in what God is creating for me. I stay connected to what the Word says. I stay connected to faith, because it’s harvest time. 

Business and finance – Job 1:6-12, (NLT): There is a heavenly court that is happening in the heavens. – Point 1: “The devil goes around patrolling”. – Point 2: “The devil was telling God, “You are the one that’s blessed him and I can’t touch him. If that’s not a good news story there, then I don’t know what is.” You are protecting him. But God’s words were, “It’s because he fears Me.” The fear of God come upon me because when I fear You, then You can bless me, I live for You and I don’t give into other things. When I fear You, then Your blessing just flows. 

God-sleep: Sleep is energy replacement, brain and body reboot. God’s sleep, dreams and visions make me alert. If I’m living in God, by faith, with God and I’m declaring the peace of God in my life, then I put my faith on the Word which says – “young men shall dream dreams and old men shall have visions” – I believe God that even in my sleep hours You’re giving me dreams and visions and my spirit is alive and alert to You. You put things in my spirit that when I wake up they are already guiding me for the rest of my day because my spirit man is still alert even though my body and soul are asleep. Lord, I believe that when I wake up my spirit man wakes me up giving thanks to You and praise. I declare this for a couple months and I’ll have a proper God sleep and reboot of my body, soul and I won’t have a restless reboot. Lord, my sleep’s over to You. Lay it on me, Lord, while I’m sleeping. Holy Ghost, stir me while I’m sleeping, when I wake up I expect to be waking up speaking in tongues, praying, thanking and worshipping. When I wake up like this then my day is just looking for You to pounce on me with Your glory.

Energy provision and protection: Energy providing for and protecting me – it’s got everything to do with my gifts, callings and my worship through work, it’s about my assignment. I worship God with my work, I’m dedicating my work time to what God wants me to do, not for self-worship. I’m worshipping God in that space then whatever I do with my hands becomes productive worship, it’s not about my self-worship promoting me. I’m worshipping You in my work, it shows up in my tithes because my income becomes an expression of my energy, then I have much less of a problem with faith to give my tithe because I’ve already worshipped You while I’m working. 

God given ability: God, You’ve given me the ability to use my hands, skills, gifts and callings to worship You. I give over that time to worship You, then my work becomes worship and I begin to give You all of the praise for what I’m doing, all of the things that I do – the ability to reason, to think, to solve problems, to have connections and to communicate with people. “This is a thing and you can fall into the trap very easily, to think that you’re the one that made yourself”. My work is my worship, I honour You with my work, my hands are productive, my mouth speaks in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. I don’t allow the world to tell me what’s possible or not possible. 

Tithe: “And pretty soon, you want to know why this faithful messenger has to come and talk to you about the tithe? Because I know that the enemy of God is patrolling the patterns of men and he’s coming to infiltrate and influence your thinking”, “he’s wanting to steal your future from you. Because the minute you decide I’d rather do that, you are self-worshipping”. 

How to deal with thought patterns: “Lord, what do You say about this thought pattern that came into my mind? I’m bringing it to the altar of God. I’m bringing it to You so that I don’t get into a pattern here where the enemy of God has been patrolling the ways of men and he knows that certain people around me will cause me to influence my actions”. 

Liberation Lane: “The devil always wants you to do self-worship because then he’s got you. He wants to stop you from your assignment, to disconnect you from the people that you’re aligned to”. ‘Free choice time’ – I can spend it in prayer, meditation, learning, in serving others and creating unity in the Body of Christ to create an alignment, because if I have my assignment and I properly have my alignment through serving with my gift in spare time, then this whole cycle begins to redeem time. I’m not someone who gives in to the cares of this world, the lusts of my flesh or the desire for other things, like in Matthew 6. This is what happens when I give myself to meditation and to work, with worship and I have invigorated sleep. Now I’m giving myself wholly completely to the ways of God. I might miss it here and there but my life is desiring the ways of God’s life constantly John 10:9-10, TPT

Awake, O sleeper:  Ephesians 5:14-19, I want to glorify You in everything that I do. I don’t want to self-worship”. I do not get drunk on self-worship, whatever it is that I’m doing to satisfy myself. I’m filled with the Holy Spirit. Arise, oh sleeperget up from your coffin. I am in control of what I say and speak. I speak out psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, giving thanks to the Lord in every situation, everywhere, all the time. When I run out of words I go into supernatural, spiritual words – it’s overflowing, spirit to spirit conversation by the Holy Ghost. I fill my space with Holy Ghost thanksgiving.

Pipeline:  If I get a spiritual pipeline that is about psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, giving glory to God, and honouring Him for all that my energy does, then I get a pipeline from my spirit man that flows through my soul – using my body to be productive. And it delivers a divine pipeline of productivity. 

Divine appointment: “the last two services, and just the last few weeks, I’m telling you, this is a divine appointment for you all. The devil has been trying his very best to come after you. He’s been trying to accuse you, he’s been trying to lie to you, he’s been trying to hold things back from you, he’s been trying to block up all the work so the stuff doesn’t get to you – come on tell me now, that I’m not speaking by the Spirit of God, and I’m telling you these messages are coming from a faithful messenger that God has sent for your deliverance, your breakthrough, your pipeline to be opened up, for a supernatural flow of God to come to you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise You, Jesus. Glory to God”.