Abundant Harvest: A Faithful Messenger – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture References: Proverbs 25:13 (NLT); Ecclesiastes 3:11-15 (NLT); John 10:9-11(NLT, MSG, TPT); Psalm 149

Missions feedback – Diepsloot outreach: It was 3 components of the Ministry combined – church, missions and  Chariots of Light, all working together. Everybody that was involved there was a seed sower.  200 souls were saved or brought back to Jesus, on that day. Since February of this year, the congregation has played a part in saving more than 500 souls.

Missions – The hand of God: When I shake someone’s hand, it doesn’t matter who it is, whether it is a born again believer or not, every time I shake their hand, my hand carries the anointing of God, in some form of blessing or God impartation. If I have the faith for it, it can be that powerful. Every time I touch somebody, there can be a transaction, spiritually, transfer because it is not my hand that actually does anything; it’s the hand of God that is working through my hand.

Abundant harvest for souls: “We are also in the season of abundant harvest for souls. God is doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, His mouth on our mouths, His words becoming our words, His Light becoming our Light”. “We will be having similar outreaches like this in the near future, so be awake and alert for the dates, so that you can play your part.”

Missions – Instruction:Pray for them (Sid, Pat, Otto and Tina), really I mean it, pray for them. This is a powerful work that they are doing”.

Ministry: “I really do believe that what God has started here, He will complete and our children and our children’s children will be impacted by the faith message, by the legacy that was started with Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake and all of those wonderful men of God that have come through to this modern day world, Oral Roberts, Jerry Savelle and us. Praise the Lord, it will not stop with us, we are building a foundation that it will continue for decades and centuries perhaps if so the Lord desires. Amen”.

Harvest time – work: Proverbs 25:13 (TPT)(NLT). Guaranteed, one of the things that’s going to happen when harvest times comes, is I’m going to work. I might say, “I’ve sown all my seed, I’ve sown all my seed.” But if I’m not working in harvest time, then my harvest is going to rot. I’ve got to be working at harvest time. As I’m working, I’m revealing my work because I’m using energy and there is sweat on my brow, and a cool breeze comes upon me and refreshes me in this heat of work and energy expenditure. Pastor John is the faithful messenger.

Fruits of my labour: Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 (NLT), If I have fruits of labour, then I should be thanking You for those fruits. If I think that I’m getting all the things that I’ve got – provision, protection, personal time to do whatever I want to, and I don’t glorify You in it, I’m missing the boat. God says, “Beware, lest you say to yourself, it’s me”. It is not dependant on whether I have opportunity, education or contacts. If I’m consuming all my other time, except rest time on provision, then I need God more than ever. The Scripture is actually even more relevant to me than to others.

Faith work: The Word for this year is that it’s a year of abundant harvest, which means there’s faith work to be done. It means I’ve got to go out by faith and go get it. I go get it! I call it in by faith, because it’s here! “Don’t take no for an answer. I mean it, don’t take no for an answer! Go get it, go get it, go get it, go get it! You may not be confident enough, well then use your faith to get confident. Get around people who will talk you up”.

Fear God and Jesus the Gate: God’s purpose is that people should fear Him, Ecclesiastes 3:14 – 15 (NLT). The reason that God puts eternity in my heart, is so that I can fear Him. To fear You is the beginning of wisdom. I’ll get wisdom for life and then life will be abundant and life will be blessed. John 10:9 – 11 (NLT), (MSG), (TPT), Through Jesus, I have the gate or the way to have a rich and satisfying life.

Working for a purpose: There is a very powerful principle in believing God for provision and working with a purpose. It’s so powerful if I’m working with a purpose, and after working with a purpose, I give thanks and gratitude. I realise that when I work with purpose, everything I do is blessed. I have abundance. I’m favoured by You.

Bless God:  When I wake in the morning, the first thing I do is to bless and thank You. I get up in the morning, noonday and night time and I bless and praise You. I meditate on Your Word all day long. Psalm 149. When I have personal time, then that time becomes a time where I bless You. The more I bless You, the more I have provision – protection and purpose – provision and the more I want to prayerfully give thanks. I want to serve, praise, thank, glorify, honour, exalt You. All my life, I want to dedicate to You, give You my heart, the fruit of my lips, my energy – because the more energy I give You, the more purpose I fulfil, the more satisfied I become. “You want more provision? Let me put it in your heart to speak out to call in the provision. The trustworthy messenger of the Holy Spirit will come and He will rest upon you, and you will be able to speak the harvest in by faith because your life and your heart is full of Him”. You are the gateway, the good Shepherd, the one that wants to give me life, overflowing, in abundance, more than I can ever dream of. It’s abundant harvest time.

Don’t quit: “I will tell you, right now, Pastor Sharon and I, we are living in God’s absolute glory. Supernatural glory time. Well, you might say, “I’m not quite experiencing it the way you’re experiencing it”. Hang tight, if it’s happening to us, it’s coming your way. But hang tight. Don’t quit. Don’t stop praising, don’t stop giving thanks, don’t stop giving honour to God, don’t stop giving glory to God – because that’s the order of God. Come on now. You know. It shouldn’t be a case of, and I know you guys are not like this anyway but, it shouldn’t be a case of, “Oh, ah well, Pastor John, you know.”

Prayer: There is an inheritance of Your favour that You have blessed us within our lineage of faith; and that favour comes upon me, this Word that You’ve given Pastor John, that we are supposed to occupy spaces that are currently unoccupied, and send out or kick out people that are illegally occupying spaces that we are supposed to occupy, from today, from this time, I will see things that I haven’t been able to see before. I have courage and steadfast confidence of faith to go after all of the abundant harvest that You have for me. As I give You praise, thanksgiving and glory through the day, into the night, You show me day by day Your glory, abundance, overflow, blessing and Your favour just overtakes me, even before I even do things, the favour is there to overtake me. I will experience that favour that You have promised. I trust Your Word.