A New Door And Supernatural Increase – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

It requires faith to say, “I will receive from God through a human vessel” and it requires faith in God that He will make that Word alive to you personally. When you start to activate your faith and you prepare yourself to be ready to receive the Word of God in any given day, a really good exercise is to pray in the Spirit (it’s like stretching before exercising).

There is a difference between you making it happen and opening a door for you and God opening a door for you.  Not all doors need to be kicked open and some doors need to remain closed, because they’re not God opening doors for you.  Circumstances don’t dictate whether God is in it or not – the peace of God and the witness of the spirit of those that are around you does. Even when God has opened a door, you have to proceed with caution. The enemy is going to try and have other doors open for you. If he can get you to go into one door that you shouldn’t be going through, by default it excludes you from the door that God is opening for you.

Living in supernatural increase (for instance divine health) is different from seizing a moment of supernatural increase (divine healing). God wants for us to live a life of supernatural increase every day, but has also determined that in this season, He’s going to give us more and more moments of supernatural increase.

3 John 1:2-4 (AMPC) – If you’re going to talk about increase, you’re going to talk about prosperity and prospering – in every way.  Increase is connected to living in truth.

The key to increase for us is that we must live in the Truth, because the Truth is what causes us to prosper. There is a threshold that has to be crossed (no new thresholds, no new doors). There’s a new space, new place, a new method, a new way, a new something that you are going to face.

Threshold: is the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

The question remains, “To what magnitude do you want to increase the intensity to have a new result/supernatural increase?”

Deuteronomy 28:1-14 (AMPC) shows what a life of supernatural increase looks like.  There are a few conditions: You’ve got to listen to what the Word of the Lord is and you’ve got to do it. You’ve got to listen to what God’s saying, you can’t be listening to what others are saying. You must not allow other gods to come and distract you from your God. Other gods make themselves look legitimately in line with the blessing of God and looks very much like the God that is the real God. That’s why the body of Christ becomes so important, so that we must speak the truth to each other in love, because it’s only the truth between us that actually stands the test of whether there’s other gods coming.

When your heart shows that He is the God above everything else in your life, then He can give it to you without sorrow.  In Hebrews 11, God is saying that your faith is not about what you can get, but who you can be in Christ, which becomes supernatural increase (where God just keeps giving and giving because you show Him where your heart is).  The result is just so that you can see the glory of God.

It’s not a sin to borrow money, it is better if you don’t have to. When in debt your money is untouchable by God. When you are debt free, you are in a position where you are no longer looking to kick doors open for yourself, you’re waiting for Him to show you what door to walk through – so that He can supernaturally increase it.

John 11:1-44 (AMPC)

Jesus spoke the end result and not what the circumstance was telling everybody else.

As your circumstances get more desperate, your faith gets under more attack and you tend to start to become emotional in your conversation with God (not faith-filled conversation). 

Jesus was saying, “There is nothing they can do to harm Me if I’m in the will of the Father”.

If the new door that God is opening for you seems to bring you to a place of more danger, that doesn’t mean to say it’s not the will of God, because He may just want to be performing the greatest miracle of your life.

Jesus first spoke the spiritual truth, then He faced the honesty of the natural circumstances.

If you face the honesty of natural circumstances before you speak the spiritual truth, then the honesty of your natural circumstances will take pre-eminence over spiritual truth. Martha had serious disciple conversation with Jesus and spoke words of life before Mary did. People are always very quick to join you in the human emotions, reason, productivity.

Can you imagine the supernatural power of God that came upon Larazus’ decaying body, to instantly restore it to perfection? God will supernaturally come upon you for you to know; to have the strength; to be able to see; and to get up from your old self and get through your new door into a new place. As you go through that new door, old things that have been upon you for many years, that have kept you captive, are going to fall off you. It’s just going to come loose because you’re not even going to be the one who takes it off. The Holy Spirit is going to send those that are around you to unwrap you. Your part is to just say, “I was dead and now I am alive.”

Supernatural increase is not just about money, it’s about anything that you have been in an old place, space, way. God wants to take you across a threshold. You have to have an increasing in your intensity, an ability to go with it, the threshold of where the dead lie to where the living live, so that the glory of God could be seen.

This is a prophetic word for those that God wants to speak to today:

Habits that have been plaguing you for your life are about to unravel around you; circumstances that have been holding you captive are going to let you go. There are some of you who have been uncertain about your purpose, and the place that you’re in and the Lord is going to begin to show and shine His light upon you. Be assured if you’re following Jesus, His supernatural protection is about to wait for you there. You have to cross the threshold though, and not try and figure out every logical thing about it, before you go through it. Even if you’ve got grave-clothes on (which might be stinking thinking, stinking habits, or behaviour patterns), you can’t analyse the door. You’ve got to say by faith “I walk through this threshold and going to a new thing”.  God is going to displace some of you from your natural location and He’s going to replace you in a spiritual place that God has called you to; natural geographic locations. To some of you God is going to say, “I require your assets.” Not so that He can diminish you, but so He can unwrap you for His glory. God is going to cause some of you to be used very powerfully with relationships with senior significant people. Supernatural increase is all to the glory of God.

I sense the anointing of God on this so powerfully. New doors will take us into new places, new spaces, new increases, new everything, it might require a bit of uncomfortable, but let’s go and get the new. Make this declaration, “I will go through the new doors that God opens for me and I will experience and have the supernatural increase come upon me”.