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Message 06 | Prosperity | Dr Jerry Savelle


Brother Jerry: Hallelujah, all right.

Let’s open our Bibles first of all tonight to Genesis chapter 31. We’ve been talking about the glory of God. God’s been demonstrating His glory. We’ve asked Him to show us His glory and He has certainly come through, amen. It’s been a rich week and praise God I look forward to each and every service. The glory, as we have already declared and discovered from the Word of God, is a manifestation of the presence of God, the power of God and the goodness of God. Say it with me, the glory of God is a manifestation of the presence of God, the power of God and the goodness of God and just lift your hands and say, Lord and show me all three, hallelujah. Amen. Hallelujah. I enjoy being in His presence, I certainly enjoy experiencing His power and oh, do I love His goodness, hallelujah.

The Bible says men ought to praise God for His goodness, hallelujah. Now, tonight by the direction of the Holy Spirit I want to show you something from the Word that I’m not sure a whole lot of Christians know. And I’m not saying that I’m smarter than anybody, I’ve just been listening to the Lord and receiving revelation on this and I want you to notice in Genesis chapter 31, we talk about the glory of God and if you were to ask people, if you were to ask ministers – define the glory, well there’s lots of ways you could define it. We have just a few moments ago. But of course you have to include some of the examples, particularly in the Old Testament, where the glory was referred to as lightning, as smoke, as sometimes thunder, sometimes rightness, you know. And many times when they experience the glory it came as a cloud you know. But the very first time that the word glory is found in the Bible, it’s not talking about clouds, it’s not talking about lightning, it’s not talking about fire, it’s not talking about brightness, it’s talking about wealth, prosperity, hallelujah. Amen.

The Glories, somebody say, show me the glory. You just asked the Lord for prosperity, in a sense you’ve just asked the Lord for prosperity. And not just prosperity, but wealth. Now most Christians can’t say wealth, it sticks in their throat, whoa, because the church has been taught for centuries that God loves poverty. God and poverty are linked together, and you know that it would be sinful for us to prosper and certainly God wouldn’t want us to be wealthy. But that’s not true, that doesn’t line up with the Bible at all. That’s religious tradition, it’s a lie of the devil, to try to keep the church in poverty.

If you study the book of Joel, where he talks about outpouring in the last days, remember that Joel prophesied, Peter picked up on it in Acts after the Holy Ghost fell and said this is that which the Prophet Joel . And in that prophecy, you’ll find if you read it very closely that there’s a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit and multitudes of people are being affected by it. But then God also says and I will restore what has been taken, I’ll restore what the locust and the cankerworm and all that and he talking about how that he’s going to bring wealth into the church. Why? Because with a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit like that, somebody has to finance it. Amen. And the church is going to finance the last great move of God on this planet. Not only that, but the sinners are going to help us. God’s got them working for us and they don’t even know it. The wealth of the sinner’s laid up for the just, hallelujah, amen. The wealth of the sinner has been laid up for the just. Now it’s not to be consumed on our lust, it’s not to be consumed or wasted on you know, just the things that we lust after or you know, that we think we’re going to die if we don’t have. No, God doesn’t mind us living well, God doesn’t mind us living blessed. God doesn’t mind us being rich and wealthy. He just asked this, remember it’s the Lord thy God who

made it happen. Amen. The dumbest thing you could ever say in your life is I’m a self-made man. You wouldn’t even have a brain if it wasn’t for God. Amen. You wouldn’t have breath if it wasn’t for God. You couldn’t even think straight if it wasn’t for God. You certainly couldn’t be creative if it wasn’t for God. Amen.

So, all He asked is give Him the credit, amen. I’ve discovered that if you make sure that you give God all the credit for your prosperity, for your increase, for God taking you to different levels of prosperity, if you always give God the credit, it will never cease, He just keeps bringing it on. A cycle, you create a cycle, praise God, Amen. And He is the God of increase and if you honour Him with your substance and you give Him all the credit for i., He’ll just keep bringing more, Hallelujah.

There is a scripture in the Old Testament it says and bring the tithe of the increase, hallelujah. So, God’s expecting us to increase. How can I bring tithe from the increase, if I’m not increasing? Look to your neighbours say, the greatest revelation that you will ever receive, is God is smarter than you. Amen. He has got this all planned out, all we gotta do is just get into the flow hallelujah. Amen.

So, I want to show you that the very first time the word glory is used, it’s being referenced to a person’s prosperity. And then we’re going to do a study tonight and show you how that the word glory can be associated with prosperity. And the Bible says let the word be established out of the mouth of two or three witnesses. So for me to just give you one verse, that doesn’t cut it. So, get ready to take notes on a lot of verses, hallelujah, Amen.

Praise God, all right. Genesis chapter 31 and verse 1 and he heard the words of Laban’s sons, this is speaking about Jacob. And he heard the words of Laban’s sons (this is speaking about Jacob), saying, Jacob hath taken away all that was our father’s; and of that which was our father’s hath he gotten all this glory. (Genesis 31:1) Notice, all this glory. And notice, if you keep reading they don’t have a thing to do with smoke, it didn’t have a thing to do with lightening, brightness, clouds and they said he has gotten all this glory. Now another translation, the Message translation says, Jacob learned that Laban sons were talking behind his back. Jacob has used our father’s wealth, to make himself rich, at our father’s expense (Genesis 31:1 MSG). So, notice in the Message translation, he doesn’t use the word glory at all it, it uses the word wealth. Amen. It uses the word wealth and then in the Amplified Bible, he has acquired all this wealth and honour from what belonged to our Father and then in the New International Version, he has gained all this wealth from what belonged to our Father. So, notice, glory can be translated in some cases wealth. Hallelujah. Glory to God. I think I’ll say it again whether you do or not. Show me Your glory. Takes on a new meaning now doesn’t it. Show me Your glory. Hallelujah.

Let me skip over, I’m thinking of a verse here, in Psalm 118, go there with me very quickly. Psalm 118 and notice what David says and it’s very similar to what we’ve been saying in regard to ‘Show me Your glory’. And particularly with us receiving revelation, that it can refer to wealth. Notice in verse 25, Save now I beseech thee O Lord. O Lord, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. Send now prosperity (Psalm 118:25). You could very easily translate that into Show me Your glory, amen. Send now prosperity Lord, Show me Your glory. How many of you need some glory where prosperity is concerned? Amen. Alright now let’s go back to the book of Genesis for a moment. Genesis chapter 33, now notice how the words once again wealth and glory are interchangeable. Later in Genesis chapter 33 the Bible states that Jacob made this statement, God hath dealt graciously with me because I have enough (Genesis 33:11). Now a better rendering is found in the New International Version. It says, I have all I need. Now remember we was talking about Jacob’s glory earlier, but now he’s saying because of it, I have enough, not only that, I have all I need. And then the Message translation says I have more than enough, Amen. I like having enough, but I really like having more than enough, because when I have more

than enough, praise God, not only takes care of all my needs but now I’m getting involved in the needs of others. Hallelujah. Can you say, amen?

To me that’s the greatest joy in life, is being able to be a blessing, be able to help others in need. Praise God. I remember a number of years ago there was a little small church out in southern part of Texas. Elderly couple, I say this because as years ago and they were elderly but they’re my age now and sweet people, very sweet people. And they came to hear me speak in a meeting in San Antonio and I met them after the service. They said, Brother Jerry, we’ve been wanting you to come to our church for a long time but we’re just a small church and we couldn’t afford to have somebody like you and you know, we just, if it, if the Lord ever lays it on your heart to come, we’d do our best to be a blessing to you. I said, you know what? The Lord just laid it on my heart to come. Not only as you don’t owe me a dime. And I said I preached in small churches, big churches, you know, hundreds of thousands of people. But I go where God tells me to go regardless of the size and I have no issue where finances are concerned. I said, in fact I’d love to come, and I said soon as I get back home I’ll have my secretary send you a date. See if it works for you and I said and don’t be concerned about the finances, you don’t owe me a dime. I’ll just come and be a blessing to you. And so, I went down there a few months later and it wasn’t too awfully far from where I live. So I just decided to drive, and I drove down there and enjoyed, you know, just me and the Lord and having a good time in fellowship and got to their little town and they put me up in their home, in a in a guest bedroom. Just a country home, you know nothing, nothing you know, elaborate or anything like that just a country home.

So, I’m back there in the bedroom and they said, now the Brother Jerry, we’re gonna have something to eat in a little while if you want to eat. And I said, no I won’t be eating before I preach but hold on to it when I get through and I’ll join you for a meal afterwards. So, got over there and preached and had a wonderful time. The people were so sweet, and the pastor said, would you consider staying another night? Can you stay another night? I said, yeah, I could. I said I’ll stay another night. And so we got to the table there, after the service and his wife had made me a meal. I’m telling you it was, I’m a country boy and boy, she was a country cook and she made the best pecan pie I believe I’ve ever eaten in my life. Now that’s the southern thing, don’t eat pecan pie up in the north, you got to come to the south. They call it pecan pie up there. They ain’t got, they don’t know what they are talking about, you got to come down to the south, this is pecan pie, you know. And boy, could she make one. They had their own pecan trees in their yard. I’m telling you it was so good and so I stayed over the next night and I got ready to leave after the services, only maybe a couple of hours back home. So, I decided to just, since I hadn’t planned to stay two nights, I decided to go on back home after that service.

So, the pastor walked up to me and he said, now, Brother Jerry, I know you told us that you didn’t want an offering but that’s not right, we just wouldn’t feel right by not blessing you in some way. I said, tell that wife of yours to make me another one those pecan pie that’s all I want, you know. He said, but before, when you call, or your office called and said that you could come, we started telling the people you were going to come and we started receiving an offering before you got here. The people just wanted to sow into your life and ministry and said now, this is not this doesn’t go to your ministry, this is for you personally. It’s for you and Carolyn personally and said, we wish it could be a whole lot more but for a little church like this, with a little small group like this. He said, trust me this is big. He said, here it’s a thousand dollars. That was a big offering, I’m talking about, you know, for a little small handful of people that was a big offering. I said, pastor, I appreciate that, but I can’t receive that, use it in the church somehow. He said, no sir. He said, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, if I use that money some way and in some other way, cause we told the people that it was going to you. So, he just insisted and so I put the money in my pocket, you know and got in my car and I started driving home.

So, I’m you know, on my way home and I’m by myself and just thinking and rejoicing in everything the Lord did in that meeting. And I thought, what I am going to spend this thousand dollars on. And I thought of several things you know, something I could buy for my motorcycle or something I could buy for one of my classic cars. I not only had my half of that thousand spent, I had Carolyn’s spent too. See, that’s what Jesse Du Plantis calls ‘she money’. She don’t know I got it, she ain’t getting it. So, you know, I came up with a lot of things that I could buy, you know. I could go buy another suit or I could go buy a pair of shoes and a few pairs of shoes or you know, just you know, your mind just takes off.

And so I got home just before midnight, it was about 11:30 or so, and my wife was waiting up for me. I said, why aren’t you in bed? She said, I’ve been waiting up for you. You told me you were coming home after the service and she said we gotta go right now. I said where we’re going? She said there’s a family that we know that are being put out of their home because they’re behind on the rent. They were renting a home, they didn’t own it, they were renting it and they’ve gotten behind on their payments and they were told if they didn’t have $1,000 by midnight that they were gonna put him in the street. This couple had about six children and they started out at about, you know, ten and they just went all the way down to about one. Carolyn said, have you got $1,000 cash on you. I said, yes, I do. She said, well let’s get in the car and go right now. So, we drove over there and we got there, even some of the little kids – they were they were carrying their toys to the car and carrying their little blankets and stuff and pillows to the car and you know, they had to wake them up to tell them we got to leave. We can’t stay anymore, they didn’t know where they were going. And one of the little kids come out and said, Brother Jerry, what are you doing here? I said, come on kids we’re not moving tonight. We took it all in and when the couple saw me I said, where’s the man live, that owns the home that you’re behind on the rent. He said, well actually on this same street just down the road here. I said, well come on let’s go. We got down there and I said, they owe you a thousand dollars, That correct? He said, yes sir. I said, well here’s the thousand dollars that catches them up. When I get back home, I’ll bring you over a cheque for the next three months so that they don’t have to be concerned about, you know, getting put out of the house. And so, we all went back over there, and we carried everything back in and everybody’s smiling, everybody’s rejoicing and Carolyn and I drove home.

I thought, my, my, my, that was the most awesome moment, to be able to have what somebody else needed, becoming the answer to somebody else’s prayer. And the Lord knew that, see, and He already had arranged. I love the fact that God is always working behind the scenes for givers, for sowers, for people that bless other people. He’s always working behind the scenes. Amen.

That was a great blessing to them and that family they started coming to our church. In fact, they moved from West Texas there and was in our church. Early days then they kind of got out for a while and but then they come back, and the man passed away just a few years ago but they’ve been faithful in that church ever since that day. You know, a lot of people you bless. Carolyn and I’ve discovered this and we blessed a lot of people, we live to give, that’s our favourite thing to do. You know, when you don’t have debt, what else you gonna do your money, hallelujah. Amen.

My greatest household expense is my giving, hallelujah. I praise God for that because I hadn’t always been able to say that but I’ve endeavoured to be faithful to God and He’s been faithful to me. Praise God. Amen. You just get to the place to where you live to give, and God never forsakes a giver. Psalm 20, there’s a verse in Psalm 20 that says, He remembers your offerings (Psalm 20:3). God never forgets the seed sown, never forgets a seed sown. Amen.

Brother Jesse and I were doing a meeting in Augusta, Georgia. We rented the auditorium there, the Convention Center in Augusta and we were going to be there for about three or four days. So we decided to go a day early because we hadn’t seen each other in a while so

we wanted to fellowship before we got into those meetings. And so we decided to fly into Augusta a day before our meetings started and that was on a Wednesday and the meeting started Thursday night. We flew in there and we got there about noon or so and checked into our hotel and the hotel was right on a beautiful river, downtown. So, we decided to, after we got checked in and put our put our stuff away, to go walk down the River walk and find a place to have lunch. So we did. We walked down the river and found this nice place to have lunch Just enjoyed our fellowship and we sit there for hours and just, you know, reminiscing and talking about the blessing of the Lord and of course, you know, it’s never a dull moment with Jesse. Hallelujah. And so, anyway we got ready to go back to the hotel. Now the River walk was much lower than the parking lot to the hotel, you had to walk down a steep flight of stairs to get down to the river and so we’re walking along the river and then when we got up to the place where we go back up to go to the hotel.

Somehow I got ahead of everybody and they were still behind me talking and I walked on up and got it up on the level of the parking lot and I turned around to see where they were and they were not too far behind me. But when I turned around again, this little girl, she couldn’t have been over nine years old, she was running as fast as she could – and when she had, I never seen before in my life, and she when she saw me, she locked her arms around my waist, around my leg, crying. And then she said, The Lord told me you would be here, the Lord told me I would see you, the Lord told me I would see you! And I said, well sweetheart who are you? She said, my mama brought me and my brothers and sisters all the way from Boston to this meeting, to be in the meeting with you and Brother Jessie. And my mama, the old car we had – and it’s a long way from Boston to Georgia – and she had I don’t know, four or five kids in there you know, and it’s just this woman and these four or five kids .And the little girl said, and our car is not good and mama prayed that the car would make it so we could be in this meeting. And she said, it’s broke down a couple of times and mama had to spend all the money that she had getting the car repaired so she could get here.

And she said, and Brother Jerry, the car quit right out in front of this hotel. And mama said, Kids we don’t have any more money. I’ve spent every dime I had, we don’t have any money for a hotel wouldn’t have any money for food. I don’t know what I’m going to do and she said, mama just laid her hand on the steering wheel and started crying. And the little girl said, well mama, why don’t we pray and ask the Lord to send Brother Jerry? He used to work on cars. She said, well sweetheart, you know brother Jerry’s not going to bring his toolbox you know, he’s not going to be able to work on our car for us. She said, well mama, didn’t you tell us that if we pray and we believe we receive Jesus would do it? Yes sweetheart but that’s not going to happen, brother Jerry didn’t bring his tools. And she said, well I’m going to pray and ask the Lord anyway. Well sweetheart, she said, I don’t want to get your hopes up. Because it’s not likely we will even see Brother Jerry. If we make, if we get to go to the meetings will see on the platform. We probably can’t get by him or touch him or talk to him so I don’t want you to be disappointed. She said, mama, I’m praying anyway. Well mama laid her head on the steering and just kept crying. And so the little girl she said, Jesus sends Brother Jerry and about that time when she opened her eyes she saw me come up that hill. And she got out of the car, and her mother didn’t even know she got out of the car, she took off running and wrap her legs around me and told me all this story. I mean wrapped her arms around my legs and was telling me all this story.

And I said, well where’s mama now? She said, down there and then in the street by the outside the hotel. I said, well let’s go talk to mama. And so I said, guys I’ll be with you in just a moment, I got to go minister this lady. And so I walked up to the car and mama’s still got her head on the steering wheel. She just crying, oh she just cried. And I tapped her on the shoulder I said, hi mama. She raised her head and said, I don’t believe it! I said, your daughter did. I said, they tell me you’re having some problems here. She said, oh Brother Jerry. She said, I’ve spent every dime I’ve had getting this car down here. It’s quit on me

several times and I don’t know what to do. And I said, well listen, I have a close friend that lives here in Augusta. I’ve been knowing him for 35 years and he knows everything that goes on in Augusta. And I said, I think I had Joe to call him and ask him where is a shop, I said, I didn’t bring my tools, but I’ll help you get it repaired and said, we’ll ask him where was a good shop that he would recommend and we’ll put your car in the shop and I’m going to pay for it. Don’t you be concerned about it. I’ll pay for whatever it cost.

And by that time somebody tapped me on the shoulder and I turn around – it was Jesse. I didn’t know he’d come up behind me and he said, you’re not going to get all that harvest! I said, what are you talking about? He said, I’m paying half of it. Whatever it cost, I’m paying half of it. I said, well mama, me and Jesse are going to split the bill and we’re going to pay half of it each so we got you covered. I said: Now where are you planning on staying? She said, we don’t have any money to stay in a hotel. I said, well, this is the hotel me and Brother Jesse are staying in. This is representing our headquarters hotel for this meeting. I said, I’ll get you a room, in fact, I’ll get you a big enough room that all your kids can have their own bed and everything and we’ll pay for it and you just stay there and enjoy. And I said, Kids order room service, eat whatever you want. I’m going to pay for it. You’re not getting all that harvest, I’m paying for half of it, Jesse said. I said, well, me and Jesse are paying for it.

I said, Now how you going to get to the meetings? Because the convention centre was a few blocks away. And she said, well I don’t know – if you’re going to put my car in the shop – I don’t know. I said, we will arrange to get you to the meetings. You can ride over with our staff. We’ll put you on the front row and get your ride back and everything will be taken care of. And she was just so excited. And so that first night got them back to the hotel and the kids come running up to me and Jesse and hugging us and thanking us. And come to find out those kids had never been in a hotel in their life, had never been in a hotel and they didn’t know that somebody would bring food to your room. And they didn’t have to pay for it you know. And boy, they were eating everything in sight you know and then I said I told their mom, I said, just sign the bill. Brother Jesse and I’ll take care of it. And so those kids and that mama – they had the time of their life. I’m telling you they had the time of their life. My youngest daughter was there, Terry, and I said, Terry you get her a phone number, address give her your phone number. We got the car back to her. Everything was taken care of. And I said, tell her to call you along the way to make sure she’s make it back home. So Jesse and I gave them money to go back home. Car’s all repaired and they’re rejoicing and they’re heading it and we loaded them up. Dear Lord, we filled the trunk of books and resources, you know, and everything and so they made sure that they called my daughter and let her know that they got home safely.

So it was wonderful. I mean it was just, Jesse and I we’re both were just delighted to be able to help these people. Now I never, I really never asked, never even thought to ask, now Lord, what are you going to do for me? That never crossed my mind. I was so, I was so thrilled to be in a position to help that family, I didn’t ask for a harvest. I didn’t even think about a harvest and I just enjoyed being a blessing. But a couple of weeks later, I’m in one of our meetings at our place, that we would do on Friday nights and we’d have a big crowd of people you know. And after the service I told the people, forgive me for not being able to stick around and shake hands with you but I’ve got to call my international director in Kenya. We’re in a building project and he needs to talk to me and it’s a different time zone. So I got to go to my office and talk to him so I’ll see you next month. And so I called one somebody on staff to come and pray a dismissal. So I was walking out as he was praying, and I’m just walking down the row here between the people on the way outside. And as I walk about this man grabbed my hand like this, and he said and he put something in my hand and he said read that and call me. I said okay, you know. Real quiet. And so I went on outside and I put what he gave me, apparently was a note, I put it in my pocket and I went over to the ministry to my office. And I called and I spent a couple hours on the phone with the director there going over everything and then I went home. And my wife was up in Minnesota doing a meeting for Mack and Lynn Hammmon, a ladies

meeting. So I was home by myself and so when I got home you know I got ready to go to bed and I’m lying there in bed and I’m thinking what am I going to do in the morning? I don’t have to preach anywhere, don’t have to go anywhere, its Saturday morning. I thought, I think it’ll be a motorcycle day. So I went to bed thinking I’m going to get on my bike and just go somewhere – just ride -and I won’t come back until I’m tired of riding, you know.

And so I got up early the next morning. I went in the kitchen. Made myself a cup of tea. I’m sitting there drinking this tea, I was suddenly, I remembered that guy gave me a note last night – I didn’t get it out of my pocket. So I went upstairs and went to my closet and got that note out. And it said, Brother Jerry, I know you love Corvettes. If you’re interested I’d like to bless you with a brand new one. Call me. I looked at my watch and it was – I don’t know by 6:15 something like that and I thought, well I don’t want to wake him up. I’ll give him some time to get up. So it was 6:15. At 6:20 I called him. And he said, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for your call. I said, well sir, I had got so busy last night and then I went to bed and I didn’t remember that note until just five minutes ago. And he said, well are you interested? I said, is the Pope Catholic? He said, well how long will it take you to get to Dallas? I said, well normally from where I’m at to where your dealership is – it’d take me at least an hour, maybe an hour and 15 minutes, an hour and a half. He said, well when can I expect you here? I said 45 minutes. I went over there and I walked into this Chevrolet dealership and he had – it is one of the largest Corvette sales dealerships in that part of the country. And it was full of Corvettes. Had at least ten in there and had a lot on the parking lot. And he said, just pick one out. And he said, I’ve already picked out one for you but I want to see if I heard from the Lord. And so I went and looked at all of them you know and so he said, what do you think? I said, that one right there. He said, that’s exactly the one I picked out for you. And he said, after we got all the paperwork done and everything, handed me the keys he said, how you going to get it home? I said, I’m going to drive it. He said, well how you going to get your suburban home? I said, you’re driving it and I’ll bring you back, you know. And so I drove over there you know and it was and it was a special and it was that zeal 6, it was the hottest one they built, oh Jesus! Oh man. I was born for speed. Hallelujah!

And so I drove it home and drop the suburban off then I drove him back to Dallas. And then coming back I was just so caught up in the goodness of God. I’m praising God and rejoicing. Can’t wipe the smile off my face. I said, Lord why did you have that man does this? Now here’s the best part – I already owned a Corvette. I said, I already owned a Corvette I’ve been driving Corvettes since I was 16 years old. I already owned a Corvette. My dad was trained by General Motors when Corvettes came out in 1953 and my dad was a Corvette specialist. So as a kid I fell in love with them and you know that’s what I wanted to drive. So I’ve driven Corvettes ever since I was a kid. And I had one that was almost practically new already and now I’m in this one. I said, Lord why did you ask that man or tell that man to do that? And I heard this – I never forget a seed sown. I said, well Lord, what seed are You referring to? He said, when you helped that little woman from Boston a couple of weeks ago that came to Augusta. He said, I never forget a seed sown. I said, well Lord I didn’t ask you for a harvest? He said, I know you didn’t ask me but I never forget a seed sown. He said, and this is your harvest. Wow praise God! I’m rejoicing and then I picked up my phone and I called Jesse. I said, Jesse has anything out of the ordinary? Has anything supernatural happened to you in the last 24 hours financially? He said, I just about to call you. He said, man I just got blessed. Some man come and blessed me and Cathy personally because of what we did. No he said, blessed us with a large sum of money and we were not expecting it and I said, well did you ask the Lord why? He said, Yeah! I said, what did He tell you said? It’s because of what you and I did to that family in Augusta. I said, Jessie I got a revelation today that God never forgets a seed sown. I said, guess what I’m sitting in right now? And I told him he went to shouting and I said, the next time you come, if you’d be nice, I’ll let you drive it. Amen.

Now I didn’t I didn’t sow that seed for my benefit. I sowed it for her benefit. But God never forgets a seed sown. Now that, I could say, He showed me His glory. That’s another way of God showing us His glory. By blessing us financially. Can you say amen? I’m better get into this, give you all these scriptures I got, praise God. I get so excited about these things. Hallelujah. Now once again remember we read Genesis chapter 33 where Jacob is talking about how that God had blessed him and he had more than enough. Now if you look at Genesis 39:23. It says the Lord was with him, speaking of Joseph, and that which he did the Lord made it to prosper. (Genesis 39:23) God made it to prosper. Now in Genesis 42:6 it tells us that even as a prisoner God blessed him and favoured him and eventually God made him governor over Egypt. He was second in command. And then in Genesis chapter 45:13 when he finally comes in contact with his brothers again and remember they’re the ones who sold him into slavery. That’s why he wound up in Egypt in the first place you know. And so now he comes in contact with his brothers and he’s sending them back home and he says this in Genesis 45:13: And ye shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt, and of all that ye have seen; and ye shall make haste and bring down my father hither (Genesis 45:13). Go back home and tell my father what you see. Tell him of all my glory in Egypt. And one of the meanings of the word glory here is this: tell my father how I have flourished and prospered hallelujah. Tell my father how I have flourished and prosper. Tell him about my glory. Hallelujah. So notice there in this particular case the word glory is a reference to prosperity, success, flourishing, more than enough, increase. Hallelujah! Someone say, Show me your glory Lord! Amen.

Now go with me to Isaiah chapter 60 and we mentioned this in one of the previous services briefly, but I want you to see it again. Isaiah 60:1, Arise, shine, for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. Now once again do you think He is talking about smoke? Brightness? Lightning? Clouds? You know you’re not going to be walking around with a cloud on? You’re not likely, it could happen but I don’t think that’s what God is saying. But notice He says, the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee for behold the darkness shall cover the earth. Gross darkness, the people that that represents Satan’s Kingdom – it’s representing perversion, sin, running rampant in the earth and then it says but the Lord shall rise upon thee and the glory shall be seen upon thee. (Isaiah 60:1-2) The glory shall be seen upon you. And when will people going to see the glory on us? When the world is in its darkest times. Well aren’t we there? Getting closer every moment. I mean I’ve been preaching now for 49 years and I’ve never seen a time in my life, as a minister, the darkness that is in the earth, the gross darkness of men’s minds. And what I hear Him saying is, as the world gets darker and darker, the church is going to get brighter and brighter. And it says, and the glory will be upon us. And then it goes on to say that the Gentiles will see it. They’ll see the glory.

And that’s when the Lord said to me that when I’ve told you the other night about the John Wayne movie, the Lord kept saying, how will they know it’s His glory? How will they know it’s the glory? And I turned the movie off and began reading this and the Lord said, how will a sinner, an ungodly person, recognize the glory on a believer? Carnal minded people don’t understand spiritual things. And then He said, most of my people don’t understand the glory. They wouldn’t know the glory if it walked in the room, stood next to them. How will a sinner know? And if you keep reading it says in verse 5 and the forces the latter part of that verse, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee. (Isaiah 60:5) The forces of the Gentiles and non-believers shall come unto thee. And the word ‘forces’ in the little Hebrew is, wealth. Hallelujah. The wealth of the ungodly will come to you and that’s why that’s how they will see the glory on us. They won’t know to suck they won’t know to call it the glory – they call it prosperity, they call it riches, they call it well-off, they call it doing fine, more than enough. They know how to recognize that but in God’s mind it’s the glory on you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah! Show me the glory! Hallelujah

So once again you see that in this particular case, the glory is symbolic of prosperity. And the non-believers will literally see the glory on us. Hallelujah. And the New Living Translation where it says that the forces that the Gentiles will come under thee. The New

Living Translation says they will bring you wealth. They will bring you wealth. Hallelujah. Now in Proverbs chapter 13:22, and I’ve mentioned this, a good man leaveth an inheritance unto his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. (Proverbs 13:22) Now that’s certainly agreeing with what we just found out in Isaiah 60. The wealth of the sinner has been laid up for the just.

You know in Fort Worth, out in South Fort Worth where I’ve lived ever since I’ve been in Fort Worth, at several different places, but I’ve always lived on the south side of Fort Worth. And the main interstate from downtown Fort Worth to South Fort Worth and then it takes you on down to all the way down to San Antonio and Laredo, but on that interstate there is a major brewery. Miller’s brewery, they make beer you know and they are very well known in America you know. And when I first moved there I had discovered this verse – the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. And so every time I would have to drive past Miller’s brewery, when I got in front of it, I rolled my window down and I just shout: The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just! And then I just keep driving to wherever I needed to go you know and eventually I had offices over on that part of town and so I had to drive, if I was home, I had to drive there every day. And every day without fail when I drove by Miller’s brewery -wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just! You’re the sinner around the just. And one day we got a cheque in the mail to our ministry from Miller’s Brewery. I think its Joe called me to tell me about it. He said, we got a check today from Miller’s Brewery. And then my first thought was perhaps it was an employee there and they got paid maybe they got saved or something and maybe they just endorsed their cheque and sent it on to the ministry. He said, no it’s made out to Jerry Savelle Ministries. Miller’s Brewery – hmm gave us a cheque, it’s a nice cheque and so praise God. I said, well Lord, the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. So I raised the volume when I went by there the next time you know. And shortly after that I was invited to come to do a ministers conference. And as I gave that testimony about Miller’s Brewery sent us a cheque to Jerry Savelle Ministries for a good amount of money, and I was talking about the wealth of the sinners is laid up for the just, and you know after that service they jumped all over me. Why, you didn’t take that filthy lucre did you? Wow, that’s been in the devil’s hands. I said, did you hear what Proverbs said? The wealth of the sinner has been laid up for the just? Of course it was in the devil’s hands. Amen, but you used it. I said, I cast all them beer-drinking devils off of it and spend it on the gospel hallelujah. And I’m believing for more. Praise God. Amen.

Bother Oral Roberts called me one day and he said, I need you to come up to the Tulsa, come up meet me in the prayer tower. He said, I got to heaven I’ve been believing for a certain amount of money and I only need a million left to finish it. And he said, came on up here and pray with me. So I flew up to Tulsa went up to the prayer tower. When I got up there Brother Roberts was there and some man that I didn’t know. And Brother Robert said Jerry comes over here to introduce you this man. And so he said, this man is from Miami and he saw my television program the other day and he said – and I had mentioned on that program that we needed an X amount of dollars to get our medical missions team out on the field all over the world. And we were down to the last million dollars. And he said, this man turned to his wife when he was watching that program and said, well why aren’t the Christians helping him? Apparently he’s not born again. Come to find out he was a Jewish man. And he said that, why aren’t the Christians helping him? And she, well I don’t know. He said, well I’m going to help him. He said, I’m going to take a million dollars to him. And so he called and made an appointment and he was there that morning to give Brother Roberts that last million dollars. And Brother Roberts was telling me the story.

And he said, now Jerry, I just prayed for him. He was not a Christian and a non-believer brought me a million dollars to get medical missions teams out all over the world. He said you know what this man does? He owns dog racing tracks. Dog racing tracks – that’s big down in Florida you know, a lot of places down like that. He owns dog racing tracks. Wasn’t a believer and Brother Roberts led him to the Lord. And he said, this is evidence

that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. I said, yes sir it is praise God. And then the man said, well I’ve got to leave Mr. Roberts and nice to meet you Mr. Savelle, and the man started out and they had an ORU student escort him out and so forth. And Brother Roberts, I said, well Brother Roberts I guess our praying is already done, praise God. I guess I can go back home and I started out. I gave him a hug and I started out and the last thing he said to me was, pray for them dogs. Pray for them dogs. It is them fast running dogs helped us get medical mission teams out on the field. Amen. And you know what the Lord said to me when I got down in the car to go back to the airport? The Lord said, the inversion has begun. The wealth – it’s begun. Now I’ve seen it in much smaller ways. I’ve seen it happen several times in smaller ways but when that happened the Lord said, the wealth transfer has begun.

And now the Amplified Bible of Proverbs it says that this way – the wealth of the sinner, the King James says the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. Thee Amplified says, it finds its way eventually into the hands of the righteous. (Proverbs 13:22) Do you suppose we have come closer and closer to that place called eventually? Show me the glory Lord, amen. This is more reason, you know, for you as an individual to ask God to show you the glory. So that you not only take care of your family but you can invest in the work of the church, you can invest in the work of the gospel around the world. The Bible says in Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, that God wants us so blessed that we can furnish every good work. Man, that’s prosperity! When you’re able to give to every good work? I don’t believe that’ll ever happen to me. Well you’re right, it will never happen to you. But I believe it’s going to happen to me, praise God!

Be it unto thee as thou have believed. We got we got I mean we got a long list of ministries that we sow into every month out of our tithe out of our ministry and out of our church and we keep adding to it every year. And people that are in need, and we just keep adding to it. When I first started out I could only do it for one person or one ministry. I became a partner with Brother Copeland you know, the next week after I first met him, and I’ve been a partner ever since. And then I started partnered with Brother Roberts, Brother Hagin, TL Osborn and now the list is this long and we keep adding to it every year praise God. Hallelujah. You know if the Bible didn’t mean it, He shouldn’t have put it in my copy of the book. Hallelujah. That that gives me something to dream forward, to believe, to stretch to, to aspire to. Amen. Hallelujah. Can you imagine you being able to not only tithe to your church but be a blessing to individuals that are hurting in your church and at the same time being a blessing to ministries that have helped you grow spiritually? That’s what God wants to do. That’s the purpose for Him showing you the glory! In this sense, when it was in reference to prosperity, hallelujah. Once again God doesn’t mind you living well, but that’s not the purpose for your prosperity. The purpose for your prosperity is so that you can get to the place where you live to give. Hallelujah. Amen. And if your heart is pure before God and that’s the reason that you’re asking Him for prosperity – that’s the reason you’re sowing seed, is so that you can have seed to sow – He will multiply your seed sown the Bible says. Then praise God, you are a candidate for unlimited prosperity Can you say amen? Give the Lord a good shout of praise. Hallelujah. Amen.

All right now, let’s go to Psalm 49. Now this said – I think this will excite you, if you’re not excited already. Psalm 49, is that what I’ve said? Now in verse 16 and 17 – now you’re going to find here once again the interchanging of the word glory and prosperity. (Psalm 49:16-17) Be not afraid when one is made rich, look at me. Look up. Be not afraid when one is made rich. The body of Christ is still so immature that when a member of the body of Christ prospers they get upset, jealous mad, accuse him of being a thief. You ought to rejoice when a member of the body of Christ is prospering. You know I serve on Kenneth Copeland’s board. I see everything that goes through that ministry, I see every financial transaction and every time that ministry grows to another level and every time God blesses them financially and takes them to another level, I rejoice with them. I thank God with them and the next thing out of my mouth is, I’m next! Increase by association hallelujah. I don’t get mad. God, why you always doing that for Brother Copeland? Why

don’t you do it for me? I don’t do that! I rejoice praise God. I rejoice. Hallelujah. And then I expect the same thing to happen to me praise God. Hallelujah.

So, be not afraid when one is made rich, when the glory of his house is increased. Look at there – how they interchanged the word glory and rich and wealth. You got it up there? Be not afraid when one is made rich and the glory of his house is increased. Now that’s not talking about smoke. Wow boy that guy’s blessed – look at the smoke at his house. I mean God could send smoke and not burn your house down and He could send the cloud that’d be wonderful. I’ve been in the Shekinah glory of God where you couldn’t see a thing in the room. Couldn’t see a face in the room. It’s so thick we couldn’t even see one another praise God. Hallelujah Amen.

My wife and I experienced it in North Carolina 1981. It came into my hotel room. And Carolyn was in the bedroom asleep and I was in the living room fellowshipping with the Lord and the Lord appeared to me in the Shekinah glory and it consumed that room. I couldn’t see any furniture and in a little while Carolyn walked through the bedroom door she said. What’s happening in here? I said, The Lord just visited me. She said, where are you? I said, I’m over here and she come and sat down next to him we just said and bask in the glory. Hallelujah. Amen. Amen.

But notice here it says that Dr. Jerry Savelle (laughter), be not afraid- you got to be sharp Garth all the time, got to be sharp. (laughter) be not afraid when one is made rich when the glory of his house is increased. What do you suppose He is talking about when He says the glory of his house? He already started this with rich. So it’s apparently the glory of his house is talking about wealth, getting richer, more prosperous hallelujah. Everybody say this right now, Lord send the glory on my house. Hallelujah. Send the glory on my house! Glory to God! You know, as God blesses you, Carolyn and I do this you know, God’s blessed us over the years. We’re extremely blessed hallelujah. And a lot of times we just walk through our house because every piece of furniture has a testimony. It’s a God thing. Everything we own is got a God story behind it, you know. And so we just we just walk around sometimes and now we’ve learned to just say, oh isn’t it wonderful to walk in the glory hallelujah. Isn’t it wonderful to walk around in the glory? Praise God hallelujah? Say it again, Lord send the glory on my house. Well you believe He is going to do it? (Applause) Yeah give Him a shout in advance hallelujah. Praise God hallelujah. Now once again if you really knew me, I’m not in this for the bucks. For the money. I don’t live for the money. I live to give. That’s the greatest motivation in my life. I want to prosper; I want to go to a higher level because that means I’d have more to give. Amen.

And I’m not saying this to show off, I’m not saying this to be prideful but Brother Copeland recently has been believing for an airplane that would take him internationally and big enough to carry more of the team. And he’s believing for a Gulfstream 5. And, at the same time I’m believing for my next level aircraft so I can fly internationally in it. And you know I’ve developed an aircraft account. And Brother Copeland was down to needing the last quarter of a million dollars to be able to take possession of that plane. I leaned over to Carolyn and I said, we got it. I’d already sown a hundred thousand dollars into it. I said, well wouldn’t it be great to be the one to sow that last seed. I said, Brother Copeland come up here, I was preaching, I said Brother Copeland come up here. I said, Carolyn and I are gonna sow the last seed that you need to put you in that G5. I’m giving you another quarter of a million dollars. I took it out of my aircraft account. See every seed produces after its own kind; you plant apple seeds you get apples, you plant corn you get corn, you plant seed out of your aircraft account – you don’t get corn, you get aircrafts [laugh]. Sow seed out of your automobile account – you get automobiles. If you’re believing ladies for your dream house, find somebody else that’s believing for a dream house, sow into it. Call it dream house seed. Have you ever gone to a seed store? Have you ever gone to a seed store where you buy a seed in a little package? Did you notice on the front cover of that package it has a picture of what that seed will produce. Amen. The audacity of them thinking that you plant that seed and you’re gonna get this? Blasphemy, blasphemy!

[laughter]. Duh! Why did they put the picture on it? Cos you’re gonna, if you do what they say on the back on the instructions, do exactly what they say, the picture is what you’re going to get.

That’s the reason why I get a vision of what I’m believing for and I go to looking for pictures of it that are similar to it. Or every time I’m believing for my next aircraft I go have a model of that aircraft built. There’s a company in Texas that, that builds models of any kind of airplane you’d ever think of and I’ll have them build a model of it. And I have them paint it the way I want my airplane painted. I even have the end number put on the tail of what I’m gonna register it as. And I set it on my desk and every time I go into my office I look at that and the Bible says, call things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17). I said, I’m calling you. You come to this ministry debt-free, hallelujah. And you know what, you’ve been there (pointing to Pastor John and Pastor Sharon). I have a shelf in my office that separates my office from my library, where I study and there’s a shelf and on that shelf is a model of every airplane that has come into this ministry in the last 49 years.

It started as a vision and I like to, you know, really perfect the vision so I can keep it before me, and I build that little modal airplane, have that little model aeroplane, put it on my desk, sow seed towards it. Amen. In fact I’ve even done this. I have had my art department make me an envelope that looks like a seed envelope that you’d get at the seed store, and put the picture of that airplane on the outside of it. And I’d put money in that little bag, seed, and every time I’d run across somebody else that’s believing for an airplane I’d go to that little bag, take money out of it and sow it. Then I’d look at that picture, that’s what this is going to produce. And you know, if you were ever to come to my office, you’d go over to that little shelf and you’d see nine different debt-free airplanes that have come to pass. When they come to pass I put them over on the shelf. When I’m believing for the next one it sits in front of my desk. Now somebody sent me a model airplane of the Stealth and I’ve got it over there on that shelf and somebody came to my office said, Brother Jerry you want a Stealth? I said, you didn’t know that? Well I’ve never seen it. I said, that’s why they call it a Stealth [laughter] amen. I don’t own a Stealth, I don’t own a Stealth, okay.

This works folks. It’s not some man-made doctrine – God thought it up. I just use all the tools to, to keep me focused hallelujah, amen. So once again, notice here that the wealth of this man’s house, the glory of this man’s house is increased. Now notice the next verse 17, for when he dieth he shall carry nothing away. You’ve heard the phrase – you can’t take it with you. He won’t be taking any of this with him when he dies, his glory shall not descend after him (Psalms 49:17). What are we talking about here? Financial prosperity, you’re not going to take you wealth with you. Can you see that sometimes in the Bible the word glory is a reference to prosperity? It has to do with signs and wonders and miracles but hey, prospering you, many times takes a sign, a wander, a miracle, amen praise God. All right, now the Amplified Bible says, be not afraid when [an ungodly] person is made rich when the wealth and the glory of his home is increased. For when he dies he shall carry nothing away; his glory shall not descend after him (Psalms 49:16-17). Amen. So we’re talking about the glory and we’re talking about it in reference to prosperity, amen.

Now in the Hebrew, and I’m not a Hebrew scholar and I may not even pronounce it right, but I can read it, a Hebrew commentary you know. In the Hebrew the word Kabad/Chabad?? usually means weighty or heavy, okay. Kabad it means weighty or heavy. Now look at Psalm 68 verse 19. Psalm 68:19, blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. (Psalm 68:19) Loadeth. Do you use the phrase over here and speaking about someone’s prosperity – that guy’s loaded. You know, you know what that means? He’s heavy with wealth, he’s heavy with prosperity and the Bible says God daily loadeth with us with benefits (Psalm 68:19). That’s another reference to the glory, hallelujah. Look at your neighbour and say, how does it feel sitting next to someone who’s loaded? And you may be saying that by faith right now but just keep saying it, because the Bible says He loads you. Well eventually you’re gonna be loaded if

you keep believing it, keep saying it. Hallelujah. I don’t care what your background is, I don’t care what the colour of your skin is, I don’t care if you’ve lived in a mud hut now or your relatives before you came in mud huts. It makes no difference, you’ve got a covenant with Almighty God and He will take you from the mud hut to the palace, hallelujah.

Don’t think that this is limited to a white man or, or somebody who was raised in a affluent family, I was certainly not. My dad’s family, they were all poor. They were, they were considered, they had a phrase in the South if you were poor, you were white-trash. And my family, my dad’s family were considered white trash because they were poor. But we ain’t poor no more, hallelujah; because the blessing of the Lord. I said the blessing of the Lord is on my life. The favour of God’s on my life and the glory of the Lord is on my house, hallelujah. Can you say, amen. And God is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11).

Now for the sake of time I won’t to ask you to turn there; we’ve already read it earlier in the week. Haggai 2 where God says, I will shake all nations and then right in the middle of that He says, and the gold and the silver is mine and the glory of this latter house will be greater than glory of the former house, and notice how He starts talking about gold and silver at the same time He’s talking about the glory. So that is a reference to this wealth transfer, this financial inversion that the Bible has been prophesying about for a long time. God is going to shake it loose, hallelujah! Why? So that we, the body of Christ can finance this last great move of God that’s coming to the planet, hallelujah, hallelujah!

You know, you know we’re just dealing with, you know, a nice crowd but this doesn’t represent this whole city. I don’t know what the population is here but it’s far greater than what we got in this auditorium. But what happens when this goes outside the walls and starts affecting the streets of your city, every community and people are and people are getting born again and filled with the Holy Ghost and they want to be around God and be around God’s people, where you gonna put them all? That’s the purpose of prosperity, amen.

Years ago when, when first time I went to Wales, I wanted them to take me to all, take me to the city where Evan Roberts prayed in that Welsh revival. They took me to the very chapel. They took me to the very bench he said on when he was praying that. He said God I’m not leaving this Chapel until you move on my nation. And I was, I set there on that bench and prayed and enjoyed my fellowship with the Lord in that and then the guy that was hosting me he started driving me around. There were churches everywhere, every little village we went to, every little place you know small large there were so many churches. I said, why are there so many churches? He said, when that Welsh revival broke out, he said, it shut down all the pubs, it shut down all the house of prostitution, it shut – sinners weren’t sinning. And, he said, we had to build, they had to build churches to hold all these people. Not one church could hold all the people that it was affecting, it affected the whole nation. Glory to God. Now who’s going to pay for building all them churches? The body of Christ and the sinners’ going to help us, their wealth has been laid up for us, amen.

So God’s got a plan here, it’s prosperity with a purpose. Can you say amen. So he’s going to shake it loose, praise God, hallelujah. Are you convinced yet, that when God talks about the glory, sometimes it is a reference to prosperity and wealth and
God wants the glory on your house hallelujah. He wants to bless you. He wants you free from bondage of any kind hallelujah. Can you say amen?

Stand with me if you will for a moment here and let me just do something the Lord’s impressed upon me to do. I was strongly impressed of the Lord, to, after I preached this message to you, to take authority over the spirit of poverty and lack. Well before I do that, He just reminded me of something else He said. Sit back down a minute. Get out a sheet of paper. If you don’t have one ask your neighbour if they have one. Get out a sheet of paper and as best you can, calculate what kind of debt you have right now, include your

house, include your car, just as best as, close as you can estimate. It doesn’t need to be exact but just calculate right on that sheet of paper what it would take for you to be totally debt free, at least close to it. You don’t have to be exact, hallelujah. Some of you just looking at me, you don’t want to play? (Laugher) What would it take for you to be debt free? When you’ve written that down or you’re prepared and I really would prefer that you write it down because of what the Lord told me to do. If you’re prepared lift up your hand so I can see how many of you are prepared. Okay I’ll give you a few more minutes; we’re not in a big rush, hallelujah.

While you’re doing that I’ll go ahead and read these scriptures to you real quick. Deuteronomy 28 and under the curse, remember the Bible says in Galatians 3:13 that we’re redeemed from the curse and the blessing of Abraham belongs to us, is that correct? Now under the curse it says in verse 29, and thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in the darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways. Thou shalt be only oppressed and despoiled or robbed from and no man shall save thee (Deuteronomy 28:29). Now notice that’s under the curse. Never prospering is under the curse, would you agree? Thou shalt not prosper, you will only be oppressed, that’s under the curse. Not only that but whatever you have, will be spoiled, taken from you. That’s like the Bible gives a reference about you earn money but it’s like putting it in bags with holes in it. In other words, no matter how hard you work, it just seems like it’s never enough and where does it go? That’s under the curse, everybody say that is under the curse.

All right now I want to drop down to verse 26 I’m mean sorry 38. Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field and shalt gather but little in, for the locusts shall consume it (Deuteronomy 28:38). That is a violation of spiritual law, sow much you reap much, amen. So that is a violation of spiritual law but it’s under the curse. No matter how much seed you sow, you’re never getting your full harvest, that’s a curse. So if you’re a seed sower, you’re a tither, but you don’t ever seem to get a harvest, that’s under the curse, amen.

All right now, it goes on to talk about you, you’ll have only presses but they won’t produce they’ll spoil in the field (Deuteronomy 28:38) and so forth that’s all the curse and then it says in verse 48 that latter part of the verse that you will be in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things, that’s lack, in want of all things (Deuteronomy 28:48). So never prospering is under the curse. Being totally oppressed financially is under the curse. Earning but never having anything to show for it is under the curse. Sowing but never getting the harvest that you’re entitled to is under the curse. Always being in want, always being in need, always in lack is under the curse. Are you agreeing with me? That is under the curse and we are redeemed from the curse, amen. Isn’t that true? Galatians 3:13, Christ hath redeemed us from the curse. (Galatians 3:13) So that should not be happening in our lives.

Now if it is happening, number one; it could be because of a lack of knowledge. It happens to most Christians because they don’t know they’re redeemed from it, amen. If it is happening, then you’re not being a good steward of your finances, that’s a possibility. You’re not tithing, that’s a possibility. Windows of heaven don’t open for non-tithers, hallelujah. So you could be a major reason why this is happening to you. But then on the other hand, Satan is out to stop you from prospering because he knows if this becomes a revelation to you, like we talked about tonight and you use your prosperity with a purpose, then you are a threat to his kingdom, a serious threat. Christians that are prospering and they’re givers are his worst nightmare, amen. But thank God were redeemed from the curse.

Now go with or you just listen to this and they’ll put it up. One of the blessings – and He said we not only redeemed from the curse but were entitled to the blessing of Abraham. And in Deuteronomy 28:7, and the Lord shall cause thine enemies who rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and they shall flee seven ways. (Deuteronomy 28:7) The Lord shall smite your enemies that

come against you. So our enemy is satan and he has a team, if you please, of demons, evil spirits that are assigned to stop you from prospering. One of them is called a spirit of poverty, a spirit of lack. And the Bible says that God will smite your enemies.

So that’s the reason I had you to write that on that paper because this is what the Lord told me to have you to do. Take that sheet of paper and put it in your hand and lay it up right where you can see that figure that it would take to get you out of debt. Just hold it in your hand. Now do you believe with me that you could be a vessel of God, that God would use you, isn’t that what happens when He says lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Isn’t God using you as his vessel? All right He’s going to use you as His vessel. Take your other hand and hold it up there. Now what smite means is to come down hard. It means a heavy blow. So you’ve got your hand on that sheet of paper representing what it would take to get you out of debt, what it would take to break the spirit of lack and poverty over your life and God said he’ll smite your enemies, so we’re gonna ask Him right now to smite the enemy of poverty, lack and want. And as our point of contact to release our faith, we’re gonna let Him use our hand so we’ll have a visual. Amen.

So I’m gonna pray and then when I say, in the name of Jesus, be broken! That moment you hear the words ‘be broken’ you come down on that sheet of paper with all the force you can, because God is going to use you as His vessel to confirm His Word with signs following and something’s going to be broken over you tonight. In the name of Jesus as the servant of God and the priest and the prophet of this service, I decree the Word of the Living God that we are redeemed from the curse; Abraham’s blessing is ours and one of those blessings is God promised that He would smite our enemy, so in the name of Jesus now, hallelujah. Give the Lord you best shout! [Applause and praising] Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


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