Abundant Harvest: Glorifying the Father (YOUTH)

All the young people: “If you’re a young person, living at home with mom and dad. I want to encourage all of the young people – these six steps”: Make this personal.

1)  Stabilise, 2)  Purge, 3) Pastored, 4)  Confront and beat down demonic forces, 5)  Rejoice and be thankful, 6) Advance.

I make this personal, as young people, there’s a tendency to think, “It’s mom and dad’s responsibility first.” It’s quite clear in Scripture that I, as a young person are meant to be an example even to my mom and dad. I take hold of the Word, I’m faithful to the Word and I make it personal.

1) StabiliseI’m not overwhelmed by the condition of my field. “But there are so many areas of my life where I’m a failure – or that are failing”. If I don’t start anywhere, I don’t do anything. God has the ability to use what little I give Him to produce a whole lot. I don’t focus on the weeds and the barrenness of my field. I wake up, focus and speak.

2) Purge – Reservations: The Holy Spirit is saying, on a daily basis I have reservations – it doesn’t have to be an extreme thing. I identify the excuses for not being spiritual.

Responding: How am I responding to the pressure of the enemy? Am I speaking words of Light? If it’s in my own strength, I will inevitably look for an escape or comfort for my soul.

3) PastoredI’m grazing in the pasture that is right here. Pastor John is my shepherd, I’m not grazing anywhere else. All that I need, all the Light that I need, all of my nutrition, my nourishment, my life, everything I need is coming from this shepherd.” It’s that simple.

4) Confront and beat down demonic forcesI don’t necessarily know all those areas where there are demonic forces in my life that are stealing, killing and destroying. The Holy Spirit said if I stay in the message, the Light from the message will shine Light on those areas where there are demonic forces at work in my life, and the message will give me the strength and the wisdom to confront them.

5) Rejoice and be thankful – “Baby, don’t worry about a thing, ‘cos every little thing is gonna be alright”. I should be singing to the Lord and to each other in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. It’s refreshing.

6) AdvanceTake on places and spaces that are occupied. The enemy is not just going to lie down and say, “Here we go, go for it, have all of your wealth, have all of the business that I’ve assigned to you.” He’s not just going to lie down. I take it by force. I’m not passive. I Awake, O sleeper.