The New Door In Rhyme – Ps Sharon Bendixen

The New Door
Yes, I will go through
Hand in hand with You
My ears will hear
My eyes will see
Everything You have for me
I’m walking through Rejoicing
Believing and Receiving
Things I’ve never seen
Places I’ve never been
People I’ve never met
Stuff I’ve never done (yet)
All glory to the Son!
Words I’ve not yet heard
My heart so stirred
And burning within
Yes, I enter in!
Thank You—that this is what You have in store
A brand New Door
And as I go through it
Supernatural increase for me more and more
Thank You for this jump start
I’m doing my part
Oh Yes! You can count on that
Off the bat
I’m jumping diving in
Boots and all
A free fall
In faith!
With faith, I go over the threshold
Of this new open Door
Increase…supernatural it will be
It will not cease
Leaving behind the old that has gone before
Things that have long lost their use
I make no excuse
Living in the New and the Now
Your glorious Spirit showing me how
In reverence, I bow
You are Great!
Through the New Door
The Light more bright
Much of Me you will see
Things way more clear
Me so much more near
A release of Spirit Life Divine
Lay your all on the Line

Much brighter through this Door
Expect revelation on a new level
It will defeat every devil
Uninterrupted Unlimited your authority
It’s My Time in History!!!
A New Door
It’s Open
It’s New
I’m going straight through
My will surrendered to You
My Words from You
My Faith Unshakeable
My Praise unstoppable
My Love walk Impeccable
My worship True
I’m going through
My Joy unlimited
My Strength in You
The New Door
It’s Open
It’s a Kingdom Door
It’s being opened by You Jesus
How do I go through?
Like a little child
Come to Me like a little child
Come humble
And you won’t stumble
Without Humility
There’s almost a kind of futility
Because through this New Door
There will be no place for Pride to hide
Let Me help you deal with it
Privately Personally Powerfully
Through this New Door
Everyday humility will be required
Just like a little child
Pride and Greed are deadly Twins
No one wins
The Pride of Life
The Lust of the eyes
The lust of the flesh
A trio of Death
Breathe in the Life of My Breath
And You’ll stay free—
Of all three
Come with a heart sincere
No place for pretense either here