The Blood Weave – Ps Sharon Bendixen

I have strong faith in the Blood
I have the right to use the Power in the Blood by faith
I operate from a cleansed position
I put my entire life under the flood of the cleansing Blood
The Holy Spirit will make real to me, His way of working this ‘mystery’ of the
wonder-working power of the Blood of Christ, to meet every thrust of Satan.
The basis of my power and authority over all the enemy:
1. The Blood of the Lamb
2. The Word
3. All aspects of my self-life being put to death
I do not limit the power of the Blood of Christ to what I understand
The mystery of the worth and power of His Blood is very great!
I apply it by Faith.
My faith in the Blood is in my heart and in my mouth,
I sprinkle it everywhere there is evidence of pressure, tension and
any kind of satanic activity endeavoring to thwart the complete will of God in
my life!
My own mouth hastens the victory greatly!
I continually meet the enemy with the Blood and never release until he flees!
I never quit!
I am not holding out against Satan — he is holding out against me!
The Blood is infallible and His promises sure!
I give bold testimony to the Power of the Blood.
I hold the Blood
I plead the Blood
I sprinkle the Blood
I overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb!
I declare there is power in the Blood of Jesus to set everything right!
I declare that His atoning Blood now works to minister defeat to every evil
work of the devil and brings it down to nothing!
I share in Christ’s victory over him and I have all the advantage!
Under the protection of the Blood of Christ and with authority vested in me
by Christ Himself, I fearlessly notify you, Satan, that you are a defeated foe!
You have no right or power because I am moving against you with the
precious Blood of Christ!
I exercise my heritage of spiritual authority.
The unlimited power of the Blood of Jesus is loosed to cast you out!
My total victory is in the powerful virtues of the Blood of Jesus.
Victory by the Blood of the Lamb is the power of my life!
My Father, when You see the Blood of Your Son You will deliver. You

I hold You to Your Word of Justice!
I live fully with what I’ve got
I have the Blood of Christ
It is the Ultimate Power Tool for my certain victory!
I cover my home with the Blood of Jesus to protect occupants and possessions
from any influence that you or your evil spirits would attempt to exert.
I bring to bear the power of the Blood of Jesus to bind you.
Resisting sin:
I resist your dominion over me and I refuse to obey you or let any of my
members serve you!
I resist the sins, the appetites, passions and evil desires which you have put upon
me by putting the Power of the Blood of Jesus to work on every one!
The Blood now overcomes them and takes them away!

I overcome all fear, depression, oppression, unbelief, wavering and half-
heartedness in the same

way — I resist all these with the Power of the precious Blood of Christ!
No matter in what way the enemy comes, whether in discouragement,
temptation or
sickness — I overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by the ever-living Word of
I take the Blood to overcome Satan and his end time activity.
There is nothing currently at large in this 21st century that is more powerful than
the Blood of Jesus!
I also take the Blood to thoroughly prepare me for His Glory.
The Spirit answers to the Blood!
The Spirit of Glory now completes my preparation for the Lord of Glory.
To bring all honor and glory and praise to the God of Glory!
Praise His Holy Name forever and ever!! Hallelujah!