Preparation & Readiness

I prepare
I’m getting ready
He has things prepared for me
This year I am choosing preparation and readiness above all else
I live in the expectation and the faith that I am a now generation person
It’s my time in Witbank now
The time has arrived now
I am not going to allow distractions
Even meaningful issues, to distract me
They may be meaningful but they are not eternal
I set my mind and keep it set on what is above
I seek the rich eternal treasures that are above
This is not just another year
It is a very important year!
I readily recognize what He wants from me and I quickly respond to it
In this year I don’t do what I feel like doing
I make a choice for preparation and readiness first
Because I choose to obey God – He will give me revelation for my preparation
I make this an extraordinary year
I am not looking at my past experiences of Church
I believe I am going to be a now generation person!