Legacy Transfer – Ps Sharon Bendixen

In expectation, in preparation, in celebration,
for the most significant moment of impartation.
I will receive everything God has for me!
I am prepared to change into what the legacy requires,
and to receive everything the legacy is made of.
(I fit the legacy, the legacy doesn’t fit me.)
I put the Word in my heart and in my mouth,
I number the days and make every day count,
God has something for me every day until Bro Jerry comes,
This is the time; this is the moment – the countdown.
Day . . .
There’s a call in the Spirit for my gifts and my callings.
I recognize, I respond, I give my all.
According to God’s pattern:
I will go and I will follow,
(my spiritual leaders as they follow Christ).
It is my time to shine in His Kingdom.
God knows me so very, very well.
Unusual, special, extraordinary blessings (most personal and most precious),
– coming to me, coming on me, overtaking me.
I’m caught up in the glory of these specialized things,
God has extra for me, I have extra for Him.
My Spiritual Family Tree.
Three simple steps,
One, two, three:
The Invitation,
My Transition,
New spiritual desires and energies
(rising – surprising)
It is time for Him to weave into me all the things I need.
I am released, ready and able to receive,
in what I believe,
and to be part of His Holy weave.
I become …
In this flow of the legacy.
JOY – my spiritual currency,
(A fruit of my recreated spirit, not lying latent but activated!)
By faith I lift up my voice and let JOY flow out,
I praise You Lord with a victory shout!

Heritage of Faith Ministries International
Speaking in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs,
making melody in my heart.
Yet another part of the legacy released to me,
to be filled with Your Spirit continuously.
My desire to acquire it all!