Holy Ghost Words & Fire – Ps John Bendixen

Holy Ghost words of Holy Ghost fire. This is my time, when I wake up I say,
“I’m filling my future with words that are inspired by the Holy Spirit,” so when
I get there, the fire of God is ready to greet me. Not somebody else’s will, not
somebody else’s words, not somebody else’s ways. Not some other wonderment
that might mislead me. Not something else that the enemy has planned for
me that is a pitfall that I might fall into. I declare that I’m walking into a future
that is full of power of the Holy Ghost, that’s full of the Word of God, that’s full
of everything that God has got for me in my life. My future is waiting and as I
get there I’m getting and I’m bumping into those words. Not just words, but
words that have created things for me, when I get there, they are smooth paths

(Proverbs 3:6