Heritage of Faith Ecclesia – Ps Sharon Bendixen

Abiding, residing
Father, Son – Son, Father
God: in, with and among us
Dancing with the one who brung us
Legacy of those who fear the Name of the Lord
Authentic move of God from a heritage in one accord
Holy intrusion
Inner revolution
The essence of His presence
Glory from within our residence
A Holy Spirit orchestrated symphony
Experiencing Heavenly bliss corporately
The called out ones – Christs within
A legislative seat – ruling and reigning
Kingdom of God – the enemy under feet
Consummation of time – no more defeat
Looks like Jesus, talks like Jesus, behaves like Jesus
Authority like Jesus, lawful like Jesus
Jesus on the earth (that is the Love of God)
Through the resurrection life of Christ
Deadening all twisted ways of life
Thorough consecration a manner of living
God’s Love, justice and judgement unfailing
Examining how we relate in the body of Christ
Done with the Babylonish garment and pretence in life
In the fear of God – with a spirit of faith
A faithful few – a mobilized army
Recreated spirits – disinvested souls
Tithing the tithe – working the Word
Covenant established – hearts yielding
History unfolding
Days of Glory
Days of Flourishing
Days of Abounding
An open Invitation released
– anyone welcome to join the Feast!