Application for Membership

I, hereby apply for membership of Slipstream Sports Club and in so doing I agree to abide by the Club’s Constitution and Code of Conduct. I accept that membership of Slipstream Sports Club is granted on the distinct condition and understanding that neither Slipstream Sports Club as a club, nor any of its office bearers, accept/s responsibility for any accident, injury, illness or death suffered by any person; including theft, loss or damage to any property occurring during any club outing or event howsoever caused, whether allegedly due to any negligence of the club, or any of its office bearers, or arising in any manner or from anyother cause whatsoever.

I declare that I will abide by the Club’s drug-free policy and that I have read and completed the “ I Play Fair” declaration on the website

I agree that as a member of Slipstream Sports Club when representing the club in competition or training, in club or plain kit, I will abide by the club’s policy of considerate, non-aggressive cycling, no littering, sportsman-like behaviour and non-abusive language.

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Direct deposit – Email proof of payment to:

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Banking Details:

SlipStream Sports club

ABSA Savings Account

Account No: 9124741632

Branch: 632005