Promoting a positive life experience.

HOFMI Education is a subsidiary to Heritage of Faith Ministries International, and serves as the parent brand to Heritage of Faith Bible Institute, HOFMI Bible Education, HOFMI Leadership Development, and HOFMI Business Learning. Each of these platforms and the content within them has been carefully put together by Pastor John Bendixen and his supporting leadership and operational team to serve the purpose of creating disciples of the Word in the world. 

Join Pastor John and Sharon Bendixen as they take you through the wonderful insights divinely imparted to them by God, as they teach you life long principles that will equip you to move forward in your life in the things that God has for you. 


Heritage of Faith Bible Institute

Heritage Education is a bible school in South Africa that offers part-time programs that allows students to meaningfully study the Word of God.


HOFMI Bible Education

The HOFMI Bible Education Program is an online discipleship studies program that has been developed for disciples to become warriors of the Word, fully equipped to live out the Word in their lives. Disciples who are able to touch, teach, train and transfer the life of God through the power of His Word.

HOFMI Leadership Development

Through the Leadership Development Program Pastor John is imparting his revelation to you by expanding on the key principles of biblical leadership as we see them through the life of Jesus in the Word. This program is designed to equip believers to be successful in the areas of personal, public and purpose leadership.

HOFMI Business Learning