We love serving in the ministry. Our sole aim is to steward faith to create a deeper relationship with God. Our programs are developed to grow your faith!

From cameraman to stage-hands to sound desk. Digitally savvy or not, there is a place on the team for you.

Your best smile is needed for this job as you man the front desk, hand out flyers and content for upcoming events, and greeting people as they come in. 

Arguably one of the most important jobs in the entire ministry.  Need we say more? 

Little people can still mean big faith. If you love children and want to be a part of instilling the message in them from a young age, this is for you.

Second only to making sure that everyone has had enough caffeine is making sure that they are well fed. Here you will be able to practice turning your 5 fish and 7 loaves into a 5000 strong mass feed.

While we are moving into a digital age where paper is becoming less and less, nothing beats the feeling of a book in hand. If you’re a paper Pamela, we could really use your help in the bookshop. 

Musically inclined? God might be wanting to use that. Let us know. 

The best way to describe this job is to just always be everywhere all the time. From guiding people to their seats, taking up the tithe and offering, to catching a Holy Spirit filled person. 

This duty is something special. You will have the opportunity to digest the Sunday message at the earliest possible chance and immediately start applying it in your faith life.

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