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02 April 2020

Testimony Thursday

with Wes

Here is Wesley’s testimony of how God called him to Witbank to start walking in his purpose and calling, on assignment with Heritage of Faith and Ps John & Sharon. 

03 April 2020

fun friday

with Caitlin

Caitlin is the definition of ‘fun’. Watch her video to see why. 

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06 April 2020

meal monday

with Ps Garth & Marcelle

Ps Garth & Marcelle make great flapjacks.

07 April 2020

Tech tuesday

with Matt

Believe it or not, Matt actually knows a thing or two about tech. He doesn’t usually give this away, but watch his video to see why we keep him around. 

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08 April 2020

workout wednesday

with Tarryn

She’s promised it’s not yoga. 

09 April 2020

Testimony Thursday

with Reyhan

See how God saved Reyhan’s life, bringing him out of darkness and calling him to work with Ps John, and to start walking in his calling and purpose.

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10 April 2020

Fun friday

with Sarah

She may be the shortest person in Witbank, but don’t be fooled, dynamite comes in small packages. 

14 April 2020

Tech Tuesday

with Gian

Gian has a phobia for sharing his information, he enjoys dark spaces, and only drinks 13 cups of coffee a day. In many ways he is the true essence of a ‘techie’. 

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17 April 2020

testimony time

with Conrad

“Life is a series of laps you run. Every time you get to the start of the lap you start in the same place as the lap before, but you have progressed even though you’re in the same physical space. You have developed spiritually and naturally. Development doesn’t always show in physical ways but rather in other, less tangible ways.”